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Simon Kriss Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Simon Kriss


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Simon is a leading Australian expert on AI & CX. Simon is a customer experience futurologist and thought leader, he is at the forefront of driving innovation in customer engagement. Simon advises and collaborates with Company Boards and C-Suite Executives as well as delivering dynamic insights at conferences and keynote engagements.

In addition to his role in customer experience, Simon is an AI expert, evident in his recent book, "The AI Empowered Customer Experience," exploring the nexus of AI and customer engagement.

With an extensive background in contact centre operation, Simon has held senior leadership roles in the banking, telecom, travel and government industries. His academic qualifications complement practical experience, providing a comprehensive understanding of the evolving customer experience landscape.

Simon is an engaging and in-demand speaker, evidenced by his ability to turn AI inspiration into real business outcomes on the global stage. In 2023, Simon delivered his engaging sessions across Australia, as well as in Scotland, USA, Malaysia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Poland. Simon is just as at home in a room with 20 executives as he is on a stage with 1,000 people at conferences and summits. His appearances highlight his ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver actionable content.

Simon's dynamic presentation style, coupled with industry insights, sets him apart as a speaker who engages and enlightens audiences.  His commitment to demystifying AI is unwavering. He focuses on making complex technical concepts accessible to diverse audiences, fostering understanding and providing real life practical applications.

As you consider the future of customer experience through the lens of AI, connect with Simon for valuable insights. His expertise and passion for shaping the industry make him a leading voice you and your audiences need to be listening to.

Keynote Titles

  • The AI Empowered Customer Experience: How Generative AI is changing the way customers want to be interacted with
  • AI in the Boardroom: What company directors need to understand in order to govern AI
  • AI Hype versus AI reality: In a world of hyperbole where the letters AI abound, learn about the real opportunities and the real risks associated with AI
  • Ethical, Moral and Responsible AI: AI can enhance almost any business process but where do organisations start to cross ethical and moral boundaries.


Simon is the absolute leader in practical knowledge of how AI will impact and enhance BPO operations. If your CX team is not listening to Simon, then your customers are missing out!

Ryan Strategic Advisory

Simon’s pragmatic approach to AI adoption has made a huge difference to our organisation’s understanding of what it takes to be successful with this new technology. He is our go-to resource for all things AI.

Stats Australia

Simon’s thought leadership on AI has helped guide our clients in the many ways they can adopt this incredible tech for a great customer experience. Simon demystifies the complexities and cuts through the hype - a true trusted advisor.



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