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Anthony Ackroyd Travels from Sydney, NSW

Anthony Ackroyd


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Anthony Ackroyd is one of the most in demand and accomplished comedians in the corporate event arena, and is an MC par excellence. Anthony is considered by many to be Australia’s leading expert on the benefits and applications of humour in both business and life in general.

His keynote delivery "Success Is A Joke!" is both laugh packed and packed with valuable information on how to reap the rewards of consciously creating more laughter in our personal and professional lives.

His show "Political Bent" features hilarious impersonations of our country's leaders. Hosted by Minister "Kevin Rudd" and featuring a jaw-dropping appearance by "Julia Gillard".

Anthony Ackroyd rose to prominence as one of the stars of the ABC’s legendary comedy series “The Big Gig" and has performed and written for over sixty Australian and International TV shows, radio programmes, and feature films (he’s even been a question on “Wheel Of Fortune”!).

Anthony has worked extensively throughout Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, and Asia. He has workshopped material with writer-performers such as Billy Crystal, Rowan Atkinson, and Alexei Sayle. He has also written material for Jim Carey’s Ace Ventura character.

As a clown-doctor Anthony has spent years cheering up sick children in the Sydney Children’s Hospital. He is a certified Laughter Group Leader with Laughter Club International. For over a decade Anthony has applied his unique talents to entertaining and inspiring the business and corporate world. His company specialise in creating and presenting performances and corporate events that are immensely enjoyable for the participants and produce exceptional business outcomes for the client.

Keynote Titles

  • Stress Less Laugh More!


The TCA asked Anthony Ackroyd to present his show as part of the Association's Annual Dinner. He had the full attention of the crowd of some 315 people who laughed and laughed and laughed. Surely the best possible recommendation for any comedian. The response since that evening has been one of universal agreement that it was TCA's best event ever. I have no doubt that the performance of Anthony was the main reason for that. I therefore have no problems in recommending him to anybody considering using his vast talents.

Territory Construction Association

You were brilliant both as MC and comedian at our Awards evening. The audience really appreciated your intelligent and absolutely hilarious comedy!

Australian Law Society

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