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George McEncroe Travels from Melbourne, VIC

George McEncroe


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George McEncroe began her career in media and comedy, but has transcended into becoming a fierce business leader, entrepreneur and mobility innovator. As a result of her comedic charm, she handles many serious issues quite sensitively, finding humour often in the darkest of circumstances. From starting a purposeful business that is giving women new opportunities, to creating an award-winning Melbourne International Comedy Festival show or collecting testimonies for the War Crimes Tribunal, she really has done it all.

George McEncroe has had extensive experience in leadership and resilience. She founded Shebah - the all-female rideshare - in the midst of divorce and the realisation that the weight of raising 4 kids now fell on her shoulders. George believed that driving for a rideshare would give her the balance she needed.

When she recognised there was a lack of safe options for women in this sector, she created an alternative. The birth of Shebah allowed George to make space for women in startups and the tech industry. She’s a fierce competitor in a field where women are an afterthought.

Shebah is now inspiring 90,000 female passengers to demand safety as a necessity, not just a nice-to-have. The company is now changing the lives of over 1000 drivers, all of whom are women and all of whom now have flexibility, a solid income, and a collective purpose of female empowerment. George also encourages financial literacy by providing free consultations with financial experts to all Shebah drivers.

George is engaging, professional, witty, and more than anything, she gets it. She knows that women aren’t a marker of diversity, but human experience is, and her extraordinary life is no exception. As a divorcée doula, a loving mother and a powerful role model to many, she’s unapologetic as a result of an unwavering courage to be comedic. She understands not only balance in life, but also balance in life’s darkest moments. George didn’t just find balance for herself, she made it.  And is helping create it for so many others.

With her blend of honesty and inspiration she can lead many discussions. She’s also a very entertaining MC or keynote speaker.

George is a passionate communicator on most topics, but has a particular interest in generating conversation on the following key topics:

-       Economic citizenship for women

-       Women in leadership

-       Courage when it counts

-       Culture Shifting

-       Modern cities and how we cater for diverse mobility needs

-       Technology

-       Diversity & Inclusion for business leaders

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