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Joel Salom Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Joel Salom


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The irrepressible Joel Salom is an outstanding all-round comic, whether as a skill-fully inept acrobat or artfully off-colour juggler. Popping ping pong balls out of his mouth (with references to the whole digestive system), flinging clubs impossibly fast… playing electronic percussion with bounced balls and executing a hilarious reversal on the old dropped-pants shtick. He’s also the genius behind the show’s other stand-up comic, a blithely satiric little robot dog named Erik.” Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle.

Both Joel and Erik worked with Circus Oz for two years, in Mexico, the USA (New York, Pittsburgh, Arcata, Galveston), Hong Kong, Edinburgh and Australia. Joel played Ring Master, graced the flying trapeze and was also a juggler, clown and acrobat.

Joel’s theatre show Gadgets with musicians Jim Dunlop and Marko Simec has toured to over 60 theatres in Australia and won the 'Innovation Award' at the Drover Awards. Also it has been performed at the Keo Chang Festival of Theatre (South Korea),Berlin Lacht Festival, Bern Music festival (Switzerland), La Chaux Du Fond(Switzerland), Karavaan festival (Holland),The Woodford Folk Festival, HOOPLA Circus and Street Theatre Festival (Darling Harbour) and The Taranaki Arts Festival (New Zealand).  

As an independent artist Joel has performed in Australia, U.S.A (Seattle, San Francisco and Costa Mesa with Teatro Zinzanni), Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

Joel's Shows

Juggling Percussion - This original form of percussion is ridiculously technical and musically swinging. A crowd favourite.

Ping Pong - An unexpected and hilarious combination of facial gymnastics and physical absurdity, this act culminates with Joel juggling balls from his mouth.

Accidental Stripper - A classic comedy juggling routine where everything goes wrong. This act has taken Joel around the globe for the last 15 years.

Jamidi - 6 electronic pads on Joel's hands and forearms are struck by glowing balls that trigger sound and laser effects. It's interactive and high impact. Check out the video.


This man is funny! Joel Salom is charismatic and a born performer - quick-witted and a fabulous improviser, he interacts with audience members and adapts to sudden changes and occurrences as if they are the most natural thing in the world. And all the while making his audience laugh hysterically.

Woodford Festival

I have been incredibly impressed by everything I have seen Joel do. I have worked closely with him on a number of projects since I first met him at the National Australian Circus Festival in 1996. His skills are fantastic, his material consistently funny and well constructed and his professionalism is absolute. He is a delight to work with. While always well prepared he is also able to be flexible and adapt to changes at the last minute. As a compere he has that magic ability to warm up the audience and make them expectant and excited.

Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival



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