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Bernadette McClelland Travels from Los Angeles, USA

Bernadette McClelland


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Bernadette McClelland has been referred to as Australia’s Leading Speaker on ‘Sales Psychology’ and ‘Beyond Resilience’ thinking. Her distinctive style has been constantly referred to the world over a "real"!

CEO of a sales performance and leadership practice company, author of multiple books, winner of the prestigious Telstra and Powercor Award for Business Excellence, awarded the Best New Speaker Of The Year for the NSAA of Victoria, founder of Sales Mastery India, she also partnered with her long-time mentor, Anthony Robbins as his lead peak performance coach for the Asia Pacific region, setting a record for sales as his breakout speaker at his ’Unleash The Power  Within’ Event. She has also coached MBA students from Harvard University on a part of their sales curriculum, is an award-winning writer and recently ‘recognised as one of the 35 most influential women in sales globally.’

With a successful career in senior sales in Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Kodak and CA, she now sits on the team for Top Sales World out of London and is the co-founder of the Australasian Sales Masterminds, elevating sales leadership capabilities.

Her passion and decision to consciously make a difference sits atop a personal story of grit, focus and personal leadership.

A life-threatening illness in 2009, bedridden for a year, liquidation of the family’s wholesale and importing business, bankruptcy, betrayal, the loss of her family’s home and becoming an unwilling participant in Australia’s welfare system at the age of 50, made her and her husband rede?ne what their value was in the market and identify what people would pay for that value, completely shifting their focus and their lives.

Her speaking inspires change in her audiences whether they be corporate sales teams, associations, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, or women’s groups. And her belief is that anyone, at any time and at any stage in life, can achieve unprecedented business and personal growth by ‘amplifying their human potential’.

Keynote Titles

  • SALES: Conscious Selling - The Silver Bullet to Driving More Sales
  • LEADERSHIP: The Business of Connection – Amplifying Human Potential
  • MOTIVATION: Beyond Resilience - The Ultimate Gift of A Black Swan Moment
  • WOMEN: One Woman Rising – Step Up, Show Up, Speak Up
  • NETWORKING - Message Matters – Get Seen, Get Noticed, Get Business


Bernadette McClelland has given two keynote talks for Rev it Up – Sales Leader Summits – one in 2017 in Boston, and one in 2015 in Chicago. Both times, the audience of B2B sales leaders was riveted, fully engaged, and gave great feedback afterward. I would not hesitate to invite Bernadette for a future event. Additionally, she was professional, prepared, and supportive of our efforts.

Women Sales Pros

Bernadette is a leading voice in the Asia Pacific and global sales thought leadership community. Her perspectives on how to sell ethically, authentically and with purpose are profoundly impactful and reflect the broader change currently underway in the B2B sales industry. Bernadette is a must inclusion on any list of women leaders to watch.

Trinity Perspectives

Bernadette was by far our most inspiring and engaging speaker at the 2016 Sales Innovation Expo in London representing Top Sales World.

Top Sales World, UK


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