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Mark Zimmermann Travels from Sydney, NSW

Mark Zimmermann


  • Consultant / Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Motivational
  • Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Sport

Mark Zimmermann is an experienced Managing Director, now qualified professional Motivational and Leadership Coach, with a demonstrated history of working in leadership roles across a broad spectrum of industries. Mark is the founder of On The Mark Coaching, an international coaching business, and is co-author of WINNERS MINDSET, an Amazon #1 best seller.  

Mark is an international keynote speaker and enjoys talking about "MOJO", which is the energy, the essence and passion that enables us to achieve our goals and live a fulfilled life. MOJO is the motivation, energy, and passion that every person in the world needs in order to operate at their best, and to smash through their personal and professional goals.

Mark’s passion and mission in life is to help others to achieve, succeed and enjoy a completely balanced and fulfilled life at home and in their workplaces too.

As a coach, Mark’s niche has evolved to working with high performance sports teams and sports professionals to support them and their pit crews when it comes to creating that gritty edge that bridges the gap between winning once, and winning the championship. Mark delivers this through his own proven techniques that embrace MINDSET, PERFORMANCE and TEAM CULTURE.

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