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Paige Williams Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Paige Williams


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  • Leadership
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  • Wellbeing

Dr Paige Williams combines playful humour with a meaningful message, streetwise smarts with evidence-based data and delivers it in a way that feels like dinner table conversation.

Using a potent blend of positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership, her own research, and over 20 years international business leadership experience, Paige provides practical, evidence-based strategies, tactics and tips for leaders to become AntiFragile and thrive through challenge and change.

Paige knows her stuff.

Considered a wellbeing and leadership expert, Paige is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, where she lectures and continues her research work, and is an Associate of Melbourne Business School.

Paige’s leadership experience is broad and deep.

As a senior leader, she’s seen leadership done well and not so well. This real-life experience, coupled with her deep academic knowledge fuels Paige’s superpower of making research real, relevant and relatable to the work that leaders do every day.

Paige has helped thousands of leaders in business, government, NGOs and schools leverage their energy, attitude and mindset to become AntiFragile. She has seen the impact it has – for them, their teams and their organisations.

She believes each of us has a capacity for leadership that we have yet to realise.

And that leaders are the most potent leverage point we have to create positive change in any system – a family, a team, a school, an organisation.

She encourages leaders to dig deep and think big to leverage their leadership for positive, purposeful impact for themselves and others.

Paige will inspire your audience to feel well, do well and lead well.

Known for captivating an audience, Paige will connect with your delegates, making them laugh and cry. Offering practical evidence-based leadership tactics your audience can immediately apply, Paige leaves people with the confidence and motivation to feel well, do well and lead well.

Keynote Titles

  • Leading To Thrive - Crafting cultures of Safety for Teams to Thrive
  • Beyond Resilience to Becoming AntiFragile
  • How to Struggle Better
  • Doing Better by Doing Less


The work that Paige did with my team shifted their mindset and approach to leadership which resulted in them showing up in a very different way with their teams. I noticed that they were more able to have the right conversations at the right time, which meant that issues were dealt with more easily and they looked for ways to connect with people and acknowledge their efforts and contribution. The improvement in energy and engagement as a result was tangible.

Swisse Wellness

Paige was an ideal presenter for our recent client end of year function, themed leadership. Her presentation style was natural and engaging, with personal real-life examples that left my audience feeling connected and inspired. If you want a speaker that will motivate your audience to reflect, analyze and make positive changes to their behaviors, then I could not more highly recommend Paige.

Income Solutions

Paige’s presentation style is engaging, professional and unique in the sense that she can expertly and seamlessly adapt to the needs of the group. Her knowledge of the content she delivers is so deep and profound that any rabbit warren that participants want to go down, Paige handles with ease.

Committee For Geelong


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