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Gavin Freeman Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Gavin Freeman


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Gavin's background is diverse as it is unique - after completing a masters in psychology and an MBA he embarked on a career as a performance psychologist. Over the past 15 years his experience has been gained in the elite sporting, Olympic and corporate arenas. Think of anything that is driven by human behaviour and someone will react in a way which makes you scratch your head. Gavin can explain this.

Gavin’s media experience includes numerous appearances on radio (including his own segment on ABC Radio in 2005-2006) and TV, including Sunrise, Sports Tonight and the 7.30 Report. He is currently negotiating another regular spot on a national radio show. Gavin is also regularly asked to comment for a variety of business magazines and online publications. Most recent his expertise was utilised in Knowledge@Australian School of Business. What Do They Have That We Haven’t? The Power of Intangible Assets.

Gavin is currently working on his next three books and in his spare time interviews CEOs and executives for his monthly podcast on mental toughness.

Gavin was the team psychologist for the Winter Olympic team in Turin, Italy, 2006 and also for the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. He was Team Psychologist for the Olympic Archery Team at Sydney 2000. At the professional level he has worked with a variety of athletes from the finest sporting leagues around the world including the NBA, WNBA, and PGA. He was also a team psychologist at the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

His book The Business Olympian, released in June 2008, captures the lessons learned from elite athletes and how these skills can be transferred into the corporate world. Gavin consults to CEOs, managers and elite coaches, delivering a variety of experiential Performance Mastery Workshops, Leadership Development (specialising in change leadership and behavioural accountability), Executive Coaching and Team Building experiences.

He has worked with many of Australia’s leading organisations including; NAB, ANZ, ING, Lend Lease, Victorian State Government and Telstra.

Keynote Titles

  • Building High Performing Teams: Explore a model of creating teams, focus on developing accountability for both the leader and members.
  • Motivation to Succeed vs Motivation to Avoid Failure: How do we cope with mistakes and learn from them?
  • The lens of belief and the different hats we wear to achieve high performance.
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Not quite conflict management and not quite negotiation but somewhere in the middle.
  • Tipping point leadership and how we can overcome the hurdles to change.
  • Concentrating and performance under pressure: A 4 quadrant model of performing under pressure is discussed, while a Bronze Medal Olympian shoots arrows to demonstrate.
  • Time Travelling: How do we stay in the moment and not get distracted by our surroundings?
  • VQTQ of Setting Objectives: A simple yet effective way to ensure you have a quality control around the objectives you set for yourself and your team.
  • Basic coaching skills and the stages of coaching your employees may be in: how do we shift our focus when supporting our staff.
  • Better the Ball: Making the best out of a bad situation.


A wonderfully engaging presentation that left the team understanding what it takes to be motivated and dedicated to be the best that they can.

Lend Lease Asia

Gavin has a warm, friendly and engaging style and made an immediate connection with the audience. He superbly combined expert advice, audience interaction and use of audio-visual technology to completely win over conference goers who were at the end of a long three day event.

QLD Local Government

Gavin provided Hudson with an engaging and insightful presentation on two fronts. Firstly a chance to look at the world of sport and athletics from the inside and secondly, an understanding of what business can learn through the lens of sporting success. The clients in attendance were genuinely enthralled by the presentation which was demonstrated by the volume of questions at Q&A and the very positive feedback Hudson received from the event. Gavin's presentation was thought provoking and highly entertaining, we look forward to future events with Gavin.



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