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David Penglase Travels from Sydney, NSW

David Penglase


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David Penglase is a behavioural scientist, best-selling author and ‘Hall of Fame’ keynote speaker, sharing evidence-based strategies to help sales leaders and their teams fast-track trust to earn more new, repeat, and referral business.

Inducted into Australia's Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, David travels nationally and internationally, working with top tier corporations and associations to deliver his high-energy, high-content, and entertaining presentations, that wow audiences, shift mindsets and change behaviours.

Supporting over two decades of conference speaking experience, David has degrees in Business and the Psychology of Adult Learning, an MBA, a Master Degree in Professional Ethics, and a Master of Science degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

As an author and prolific researcher and writer, David’s books include The Art & Science of Building Customer Trust – How to fast-track trust and earn new, repeat and referral business, and LIVING in the Light of Day – How to avoid the ‘Success Trap’, strive to be your best, and live a meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous life.

Keynote Titles

  • The Art & Science of Sales Success
  • Developing a Resilient and Success Mindset
  • Creating a Team Culture of Trust
  • A Masterclass Series on Positive Influencing and Public Speaking


Congratulation David! We have over the past thirty seven years many of the best speakers and motivators both locally and abroad and what you delivered to our team was brilliant. You listened to our brief and delivered it just the way we wanted with your slant, and your behavioural science. David, I was glued to it! I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery. We can’t wait for sessions two and three.


One of the advisers at the Sydney program had just spent the weekend at a world renown motivational speaker's event and commented to me that he got more value out of your 45 minute presentation, which is a great reflection on the power of your presentation!


David’s personal, funny stories made the whole messaging very genuine and enjoyable which resulted in the great audience engagement we all felt throughout the presentation. I would highlight again how much it meant that you dedicated your entire day to observe the participants and listen to all sessions in order to gain a better understanding of the context. While your very detailed preparation was well grounded by the several phone briefings and personal meetings, you were still willing to come along and learn more about the organisation and our people. Nowadays this is a very rare experience and it is greatly appreciated.




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