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Danielle Dobson Travels from Sydney, NSW

Danielle Dobson


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Danielle Dobson is a powerful speaker who connects with her audience in a relatable, engaging way. She uses her warmth, passion and knowledge to spark curiosity and guide audiences to redefine their limiting beliefs, based on societal perceptions of gender roles in relationships, workplaces and communities.

As an expert in gender equality and empowerment, leadership development, and unlocking the potential of people, Danielle works with leaders and their teams, to help women and men to understand the shifting nature of their roles, in career and life and equip them with the tools and strategies to navigate the rapidly evolving world of work and relationships.

Danielle saw her progress from the Corporate world of a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), to being a Wellness Coach and an Executive Coach.

Driven by the mission to find answers to why the daily juggle for balance between work and life is so elusive for women in high pressured roles, she interviewed 50+ women (and a few good men) in leadership positions across a diverse range of industries.

Her extensive research found that the Gender Code underpins the inequality in our society today, particularly in the workplace.

Author of Breaking the Gender Code, Danielle has been featured in publications across Australia. Her work with companies around the globe, her ability to single-handedly parent three energetic sons, and her ability to see beneath human facades makes her an incredible coach, intuitive researcher and talented trainer.

But it is her passionate dedication to share this message and inspire audiences to crack the Gender Code and write their own code, that makes her an extraordinary speaker.

Keynote Titles

  • Create more balance in families, communities, workplaces and leadership
  • Break down Perfectionism, overcome Imposter Syndrome and know you belong in the room
  • Stop the juggling act and take charge of your career and life
  • How to have the crucial conversations at home and work that will catapult your career
  • Leverage one of the most under rated leadership superpowers


The insights from Danielle’s research and her counsel have been invaluable in helping us not only define the event itself, but in thinking about what helps or hinders our approach, always with outcomes and impact at the forefront of her guidance. It was a pleasure to have Danielle host our Women in Leadership event.

Workwear Group

Thank you for you thought provoking keynote, during the Junior Chamber International Australia, National Convention. Your passion, knowledge and delivery were exceptional for our members. It is always fabulous to listen to a meaningful keynote, but truly memorable to witness the audience relate and engage. Thank you once again Danielle, keep doing great work!

University Of Wollongong

Danielle’s warmth, passion and knowledge is outstanding. She challenges everyone to rethink their own code and grow.

The Book Advisor


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