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Paul Jordan Travels from Sydney, NSW

Paul Jordan


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Paul Jordan comes from a military background having served in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) for over a decade. Since joining the private security industry in 1999 Paul has held key positions within security departments for organizations such as Exxon Mobile (Aceh), Placer Pacific (PNG), Pride International (India), AKE Asia-Pacific (global deployments) and Ross Mining (Solomon Islands).

Paul spent five years with AKE Asia-Pacific as Operations Manager during which time he provided safety and security training and operational support to thousands of journalists including CNN, BBC, NHK, Reuters, Fox, CBS and ABC. He supported CNN media crews in Iraq during the 2003 US-led invasion.

Within 24 hours of the 2004 Tsunami Paul was in Banda Aceh supporting clients including Nine Network, Channel Seven and The Variety Club. He acted as Security Adviser to the Australian High Commission in Islamabad and managed evacuations from Honiara during civil unrest. Paul deployed to the 2010 Haiti earthquake to conduct security assessments for major media organizations including 60 Minutes. Paul remained in Haiti developing security management systems for a variety of NGO’s including the Clinton Trust and Partners in Health.

In 2007 Paul was Security Adviser for Woodside Energy. During his time there Paul developed Woodside’s Corporate Security Standard and a security auditing process for all Woodside projects and operations including those in Kurdistan, Kenya and Mauritania. Paul has produced countless security assessments in hostile and challenging environments worldwide. While some have been completed in controlled environments other assessments have been successfully completed in the midst of natural disasters and civil disquiet.

In April 2011 Paul conducted a series of security assessment for media in Tripoli, Libya during a period of extreme unrest. Paul’s vast operational knowledge is invaluable when conducting security and safety training. No amount of academic qualifications can match real-time experience managing security situations that test procedures, policies and standards. Paul is able to fully appreciate what security precautions, plans and procedures translate from theory into practice.

Paul is also one of Harts most experienced trauma medics. Paul was instrumental in treating Rwandans during the Kibeho massacre in 1995. He ran the Vanimo hospital in PNG post-tidal wave in 1997. Paul provided first-line medical response immediately after the UN bombing in Baghdad in 2004 as well as treating injured personnel during the US led invasion in 2003. He is a qualified emergency medical technician and able to audit and assess relevant medical facilities.

Paul has a BSc in Security.  Paul published his first book – ‘The Easy Day Was Yesterday’.

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