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Steve Francis Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Steve Francis


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Steve Francis is passionate about helping people and organisations make the most of their opportunities. He is obsessed with learning – as individuals, as teams and as an organisation. Whilst he is an expert in Pedagogy – the Science of Learning, he is not your typical ex-school principal. Steve understands the challenges and demands of working with a range of people with different needs and attitudes to life.

As well as 20 years as a school principal, both in Australia and Hong Kong, Steve has also successfully established businesses in the property, hospitality, retail and motor industries. Now working with a range of clients in the corporate and education arenas, Steve brings knowledge, passion and enthusiasm.

He knows what it takes to create cultures and organisations that grow through learning. "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." Charles Darwin. Steve’s expertise in Pedagogy will help you, your team and your organisation adapt and change. This is essential for thriving, not merely surviving. People who say they don’t like change are going to like being obsolete even less. Attitude is the ultimate change factor!

Steve loves helping people get satisfaction from work and life, keeping things simple and supporting people to reach their potential. In recognition of his influence as a young leader, Steve represented Australia at the inaugural Oceania Olympic Academy. The National Speakers’ Association of Australia awarded Steve the 2010 Kerrie Nairn Scholarship and in 2013 achieved the designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest designation awarded to professional speakers. 

He is also the author of three books, “A Gr8 Life…Live it now!”, encouraging people to live for today, “Time Management For Teachers” and “First Semester Can Make or Break You!” He has recently co-written his fourth book "Attitude is Everything".

Steve has also developed the Gr8 People range of resources to help individuals and teams to work and learn together by focusing on the important things and “keeping it simple”. 

His audiences love his energy, enthusiasm and his ability to simplify complex issues. Steve is a ‘must have’ for a fresh new look at engaging and energising staff.

Keynote Titles

  • Thriving in Times of Change
  • Adapt or Die?
  • Gr8 People Are Part of Gr8 Teams
  • Increasing Work-Life Satisfaction


Steve was a great way to wrap up a conference. He challenged the audience to think about their lives but managed to keep the session light and very entertaining. Delegates went away refreshed, motivated and inspired just the way every conference organiser wants to end a conference! Hope to work with you again soon.

Local Government Managers' Association

Steve Francis presented 'Learning Cultures' at the Australasian Sales & Leadership Convention, which is the annual convention for our group of 580 real estate agency leaders, salespeople and support people. We chose Steve because we believe that a learning culture is essential in any dynamic company that wishes to stay ahead of its competitors. The audience was totally engaged, a sure sign is the amount of notes they took. The presentation was witty and to the point and Steve himself was the consummate professional. He arrived the day before to get a feel for the room and for the audience so that his presentation was perfectly tailored for our event. As the event promoter I appreciated this as I knew that we were not going to be given some canned one-size-fits-all presentation. Thanks Steve, I have no doubt that our people will learn, and therefore EARN, more thanks to your teachings.

Pittard Real Estate Training



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