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Rob Redenbach Travels from Perth, WA

Rob Redenbach


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With hundreds of shows to choose from at the world's largest arts festival at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, the Edinburgh Evening News compiled a list of the Top 10 acts worth catching at the Fringe – Rob Redenbach was positioned at #4.  

Rob's keynote and after dinner speech 10-Feet Tall and Bullet Proof (Not!) proves that truth is stranger than fiction, and funnier too. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Rob weaves his storytelling magic to explore the legacy of leadership and the comedy of life.

As one of Australia's most versatile presenters, Rob's unique blend of humour and hard facts has empowered small and large audiences in 23 countries. Boost Juice, CommBank, Fuji Xerox, LG Electronics and Toyota are some of the groups that have benefited from his dynamic content.

In addition to narrating Jack London’s novel The Call of The Wild, Rob Redenbach is the author of The Promise. A former casino bouncer who went on to work with Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard team in South Africa and then complete executive education at Harvard, Rob has been featured in publications ranging from Business Review Weekly to Virgin Airlines inflight magasine, Voyeur. Drawing from experiences that include providing armed security to aid workers in Iraq, Rob’s grounded perspective separates him from armchair experts. 

Rob is also an accredited facilitator of The Resilience Shield. Written in conjunction with the University of Western Australia, The Resilience Shield delivers cutting edge techniques to master mindset and overcome adversity.

Keynote Titles

  • Leading With Resilience 


A sensational presenter who tied in his life stories with leadership aspects perfectly.


We gifted every one of our broker and adviser guests a copy of Rob’s book What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard as part of our National Roadshow. Rob’s message of courage and relentless curiosity aligned perfectly with our values of initiative and helping others to be successful. His ability to fully engage an audience for over an hour without needing a single PowerPoint slide certainly justified our decision to work with him and I’m looking forward to exploring how he can partner with us beyond this year’s event.

ING Direct

Over the past 5 years we've hired some of the world's most respected law enforcement speakers – including Dave Grossman – on multiple occasions. Rob Redenbach was rated as one of our very best speakers. The response to his half-day workshop on leadership was overwhelming great. Nearly every evaluation rated him 9s or 10s all the way through. Very high marks from a cynical bunch of senior narcotic cops.

Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association


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