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Dr Gemma Munro Travels from Adelaide, SA

Gemma Munro


  • Brain / Neuro Science
  • Culture Change
  • Female Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Psychology
  • Self Esteem / Bullying
  • Work Environments
  • Workshops

Dr Gemma Munro is an uplifting and award-winning speaker, facilitator and writer, with a PhD in performance psychology and a knack of sparking rapid and easeful change. Known as the Alchemist at Work, Gemma specialises in the science and art of courage, transformation and the creation of impossible dreams.

Gemma has ignited change in workplaces across the planet, and inspired over 72,000 people worldwide. She has spoken to global and national audiences at Google, Amazon, Qantas, Vodafone, PayPal and the NHS in London, and her keynote at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley was live-streamed to every Google office on the planet. She is a winner of the Duncan Trust Prise for speaking and a two-time Telstra Businesswoman of the Year finalist. As a classically trained singer, Gemma has performed in Westminster Abbey, Radio City Music Hall and, somewhat heart-stoppingly, to 53,000 screaming fans as a backing vocalist for the Rolling Stones.

Audience members call Gemma ‘a human alarm-clock’, ‘a lightning bolt of love’ and ‘a witch who gets in people’s heads and makes them think anything is possible’. She is known as a catalyst for immediate and sustained shifts in mindset, behaviours and results. She is also known for provoking laughter, a-ha moments and gentle wake-up calls that motivate people to make the changes they want to make (even if they’re scared of change, tired of uncertainty and gold-medal-winning procrastinators).

Gemma was the founder of a business known for its work across Australia, Asia and the UK in rapidly lifting the percentage of women at leadership level. Before that she was a tremendously serious management consultant and a recovering academic, having completed her PhD at a relatively young and impressionable age.

Gemma is passionate about forging a wild new way of working - where work feels like play, life feels in flow and exhaustion and overwhelm are things of the past. She lives on five acres in the Adelaide Hills with her fiancé Ben Barnett and their exceptionally loving, sometimes exhausting and usually hungry blended tribe of three children, forty kookaburras and a farm dog called Lucie.

Keynote Titles

  • The Science & Art of Rapid Transformation
  • A Wild New Way of Working
  • The Courage to Connect
  • Leading Through Change
  • Making Brave Choices


In the circle of life, we need more ringleaders like Gemma.

Leadership Solutions

Watching Dr Gemma Munro conduct a session is a masterclass in itself.

Instructional Design Lead | Coles

Gemma is a brilliant speaker! She is genuine, engaging and a wonderful storyteller. Such wonderful energy and generosity of spirit, and so refreshingly real, fun and informative. Amasing, engaging, insightful, basically the most helpful speaker I could have hoped to hear.

Senior Marketing Communications Manager | Australian Super


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