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Glenn Capelli Travels from Melbourne, VIC


  • Communication
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Culture Change
  • Education
  • Facilitator
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Work Environments

Glenn Capelli is Thinking and Learning expert and internationally renowned professional speaker who has always been interested in finding better, wiser and smarter ways of thinking and learning.

As the creator of Dynamic Thinking, Glenn Capelli delivers his message of creativity, innovation and thinking smarter to audiences around the world, helping them learn how to generate ideas to inspire creativity, growth and success in both business and relationships.

Glenn's messages are uplifting, practical and provocative and he uses his own unique, involving and entertaining presentation style to teach us how to become more flexible thinkers, leaders and life-long learners in our modern, fast-paced world.

He provides clear and relevant take-home messages for corporate organisations, small business, educational institutions, government departments and more.

An expert educator, Glenn has had a very successful speaking career spanning more than twenty-five years and has become one of Australia's most professionally awarded and sought-after presenters. He is a two-time state winner of Speaker of the Year, the inaugural Educator of the Year recipient in 2006 and winner of the 2007 Nevin Award - the Australian Professional Speaking Industry's highest achievement honour.

In 1987 Glenn Capelli was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship, which he used to further his research into better ways of thinking and learning.

Glenn is also an author, songwriter and radio presenter, a member of MENSA and a former 'hobo' who backpacked his way around the world for seven years.

Glen Capelli's award-winning cable television series Born to Learn aired weekly to an audience of over 26 million households across the USA, while his series Thinking Caps - based on his best-selling book of the same name - goes out around Australia on the ABC network each week. His clients range from the most remote outback schools of Australia to the biggest corporate organisations in the world.

Glenn's presentations are multi-stimulating and use visuals, music, wit, wisdom, activity and interaction to communicate the messages, speed the learning and enhance the results. Having given more than 3,000 presentations in 171 cities, Glenn Capelli's message on quality and esteem-based education and training has reached audiences right around the globe.

Keynote Titles

  • Thinking smarter in a changing world
  • The human element of business and leadership
  • Emotional smartness
  • Humour, communication, values and culture
  • Balancing more than the books


This was the standout session of the conference for me - fantastic! Glenn is a talented presenter and this was a wonderful was to close the conference. I found myself laughing, crying, pondering, challenged etc throughout his session - excellent! It was unique and refreshing.

Business Improvement And Innovation In Government

Glenn pitched his presentation at exactly the right level for his audience, and they warmed to him immediately. He was able to present a very serious message in such a fun way that people greatly enjoyed the learning process. The anecdotes were relevant and sensitive. One participant told me afterwards that she had seen only ever seen two presentations that affected her life profoundly, and this was one of them.


What Glenn has done for the Port area has been nothing short of a miracle, he has put life back into the place and we are all absolutely buzzing.

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