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Terry Hawkins Travels from Los Angeles, USA

Terry Hawkins


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With 30 solid years as a prolific speaker, educator, author and host, Terry has become renowned as the "People Whisperer". Her uncanny ability to read people, and her broad skill set allow her to tap into people's deepest corners to help unlock their blocks to creating a powerful life. She commits totally to every person, and every audience, bringing about positive and long-lasting change. Her highly inspirational and educational keynotes are supported by her stunningly insightful humour. Her audiences reel with laughter one moment and sit in reflective silence the next as she weaves her moving storytelling through simple, yet powerful methodologies and processes. Decades later, people and companies still recall her powerful, positive impact, and how it influenced their lives and businesses dramatically.

If you want long lasting impact, if you want laughter, connection and stickability, if you need immediate change and focus, if accountability and collaboration are essential pillars for your team, then Terry Hawkins is the speaker for you. She is a masterful educator in behavioural repatterning, front-line retail, management/leadership development, and connection strategies that benefit people in all facets of their life.

She has spoken to every industry imaginable using her uncanny ability to relate to any audience and her gifted simplicity to assist in the evolution of corporations, and the people within those corporations.

In 1989, Terry Hawkins founded People in Progress Global, now Progress Retail, a retail education company. Over her stella 3-decade career Terry has become renowned for creating some of the most impactful retail programs in the industry. Her clients often boast 20-30% increases in sales, with reductions in staff turnover upwards of 70%. She attributes these astounding results to her ability to synthesise programs; to be able to emotionally and intellectually trigger participants to willingly change their behaviour for the long term. Her deep passion and commitment to transforming the planet through retail has seen her as one of the pioneers and driving forces of EMPATHY in business. Over 100,000 alumni have participated in her multitude of programs, and it is a rare person who cannot recall these events, often saying they were life-changing both personally and professionally.

Terry calls herself the 'Accidental Author'. After being inundated with requests from her audiences, Terry reluctantly penned (literally - by hand) her first book, "There are only TWO TIMES in LIFE, NOW & TOO LATE!" which highlights her own extremely challenging journey through early life and how she was able to overcome the fallout from these numerous hardships through the creation of her two fictional characters, Pitman® and Flipman®. People were so inspired that Terry was asked to write a children's series, and the "Flipman Rules: Let's DO" series was born. Terry was also asked to write "Let's DO Well" for Tour de Cure, teaching children about wellness and demystifying the fear around cancer.

Senior leadership teams usually have one trait in common - ambition. Issues can arise when strong people have differing values, goals and modes of leading. Congruence and alignment, especially with mergers and acquisitions requires collaborative and focused leaders, and Terry Hawkins is often commissioned by CEO's to assist in helping leadership teams to do this. Through her unique ability to have groups flush out the hidden, and obvious barriers to their own and the collective success she is able to present and navigate a safe yet transparent personal growth journey to the desired outcome. She is forthright, bold and caring. She commits to the end result, and her ability to bring leadership teams together is outstanding.

There is online training, and then there is highly engaging, inspiring and results focused education that occurs online. With its recent iteration, Progress Retail now provides live and online education, along with a robust operations platform for retailers. Terry pioneered empathy-centred sales and management training with a purely in-person training facilitation model, and now she has transitioned her skill as an educational designer, and entertaining and Informative host to include the robust library of inspiring online content and downloadable resources The business’ core education product, C.A.R.E. Customers Are Really Everything® has had over 30 years of durability in its analog, in-person format as a front-line retail sales system, and now, along with the entire suite, is gaining even more traction in an e-learning format.

Keynote Titles

  • The PERFECT Storm
  • FLIP the PIT of MISERY


I just had the pleasure of experiencing Terry Hawkins as part of our National Sales Conference. I oversee a sales team of over 100 executives with a portfolio of 55 shopping centers in the US. I have to tell you that in 25 years in this industry, Terry's presentation was by far the most insightful, the most intriguing, the most relevant and most importantly, personal experiences I have ever seen. I see nothing but immense value for my team members in their personal and professional growth.

Ted Kaminski, SVP Speciality Leasing WESTFIELD USA

We knew you would be fantastic - but we could never have imagined what a great response we'd get! I can't thank you enough for making it such a special lunch. We have had nothing but positive comments... several ladies have said ... ' she's changed by view on life!' WOW! Congratulations! Your message was such a strong one!

Vicki Tiegs Event Organiser International Women's Day

Thank you for your wonderful keynote presentation at our Easter Seals Convention in Washington D.C. Your message was outstanding and your session was one of the most highly rated sessions at the Convention [3.9 on a 4.0 scale]. We deeply appreciate you, and your special relationship with us.

Donald E Jackson, CEO Easter Seals


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