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Rowdy (Ron) McLean Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Rowdy (Ron) McLean


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  • Time Management

At the age of 24, Rowdy McLean started a business in competition to one of Australia's largest conglomerates, with no money in the bank and a can do attitude, he retired ten years later. As a CEO he has turned around ailing companies. As a business owner he has built success from the ground up. As a socialpreneur he has developed initiatives that make a real difference. Rowdy has proven that by getting your Attitude Equation right, anything is possible.

A serial entrepreneur, he has spent the past decade inspiring individuals, teams and organisations to “get things done” “embrace and adapt to change” and “execute on ideas” through focusing on their Attitude Equation.

To Rowdy, attitude is not painting a rosy coloured picture over a bleak canvas, it’s developing a constructive and resilient approach to business, culture, leadership, sales, service and teamwork.

People relate to Rowdy because he is REAL, his presentations are down to earth, practical and authentic, he has actually done it and survived to share his experiences. If raising the bar or changing direction is important to you, if setting a solid foundation for a culture of success is what you want to do, Rowdy’s high energy keynotes and workshops will show you how to get the Attitude Equation right and how to play a bigger game!

Keynote Titles

  • Play a Bigger Game
  • FAST Results through execution
  • GET REAL - Motivation with a reality check
  • PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE - How engagement drives results


Fantastic and inspiring, emotional presentation with depth. Applicable both in work environment and for individuals. Sincere, moving and inspirationaln

Network Ten

What a feeling!!!! Fabulous to hear an Australian expert that can inspire people to act with such vigour and authenticity.

Macquarie Bank


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