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John F Edwards Travels from United States Of America, USA

John F Edwards


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  • Brain / Neuro Science
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  • Culture Change
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John F. Edwards has over 25 years of international experience as a leader, speaker, coach, and consultant, working with some of the largest companies in their respective fields. John works with people to help them “Lean Forward” so that they avoid the failure of being left behind. John is a thought-leader who has provided guidance and training to teams, leaders, and organizations seeking to achieve high impact goals during various economic and strategic challenges.

John is an expert in change leadership, culture, and leadership development. He speaks to audiences from around the world on the principles necessary to motivate and facilitate long-term success. He is often rated as the strongest and most impactful speaker at conferences. His presentations include humor and are based on successful motivational and training techniques. His presentations also include research on human interaction, neuroscience, and social trends.

Most people are experiencing difficulty in the workplace due to roadblocks. We provide insights, research, tools, and tips that inspire and empower so that you get rapid results.

Whether it is team building, leadership development, customer relationships, or organizational culture change, John uses humor, neuroscience, and expert story-telling to provide inspiration and motivation.

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