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Michael Henderson Travels from Auckland, NZ

Michael Henderson


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Michael is a Corporate Anthropologist, which means, he has a degree in anthropology (the study of human beings as curators of culture).  He shares his knowledge insight and understanding of cul-ture with organistions to support them to create high performance cultures.

He has been developing and applying his deep knowledge of culture for forty years in countries and industries around the world and has overseen and guided over three hundred company culture trans-formations.

Michael’s work has been hailed by the world's leading expert in organisational culture, Professor Edgar Schein, of M.I.T Sloan School of Management, as "The missing link" that organisations require to truly understand what culture is, and how to align culture as a strategic asset.

Michael has worked with organistions such as;

The New Zealand Rugby Union, Canon, New Zealand and Australia, NZ Olympic High Performance Sports, Fonterra Global, G.H.D Engineering Global, Mercury Power, Bremworth Carpets, Office Works Australia, Lend Lease, Australia, Middle East & China, McDonalds NZ, Bupa Hong Kong, Suncrest Bank USA, The Tomorrow Company London.

Michael is the author of ten books on organisational culture and his keynotes have been described as "insightful, powerful, unique, refreshing, entertaining and provides truly transformational thinking."

Keynote Titles

  • The Five most common mistakes organisations regularly make with their culture and how to avoid them.
  • No business can outperform its' culture! Why Leaders must align culture as a strategic asset & how to do so.
  • The three traits of a high perfuming culture.


Michael was very well received by all team members...more balance has been evident in our salespeople between personal and has certainly opened up the team's mind to what is important to them - to reflect their values...I think it was a great success in all aspects.

Bayleys North Shore Real Estate

We have been focused at Lion Nathan on behaviours and culture for many years. We believe that the behaviour of our leaders is a key driver in creating a culture which attracts and retains great people, and builds high engagement of those people within the business. Michael and his team have helped us work with our leaders to enable them to become clearer on their personal values, their preferences and priorities, and to align their behaviours/capabilities/environment with their values. We believe that leaders, who are clear on their values and live them, behave in constructive ways and help to create a constructive culture. The outcome of this work is good for the business and good for the individuals themselves.

Lion Nathan Limited

I would highly recommend Michael. We needed a speaker who could engage and challenge our CEOs members with actionable insights. In the space of 50 minutes Michael delivered that and more.

Business Leaders’ Health And Safety Forum | Zero Harm Conference


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