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Psychotherapist Jackie Furey is one of the country’s leading experts on Relationship Success for both business and personal growth. Her aim is to help people to bring out the best in themselves, as well as those around them, in love, life and work.

Sydney-based, Jackie is a specialist in the area of personal and professional development. During the past eight years, she has delivered keynote presentations and facilitated workshops in over 40 major cities around the world.

Jackie appears regularly on a variety of radio stations and hosted her own radio talk back show for 3 years. Her comments are sought for electronic and print media and the ABC documentary, “Welcome to Intimacy” credits her work for supporting people in having rich and rewarding relationships.

In addition to her public speaking and media commitments, Jackie has also been running a successful private practice. In all parts of her professional life, Jackie is able to share her insights into the human mind, as well as her sensitivity towards human life. She is as astute on a stage in front of thousands as she is with an individual.

Her theories are underpinned by the belief that a good relationship with others, and with ourselves, is crucial to having good relationships in our personal and professional worlds. Life is rarely simple or easy, and choices abound – bringing a great deal of responsibility and the sense of overwhelming obligation. Through trying to be all things to all people, individuals go to bed each night exhausted but with a mind still focussed on what needs to be done and what hasn’t been done. Jackie emphasises how important it is for people to get to know themselves and what really matters to them – and why. 

As she puts it, “I am passionate about showing people how to replace their confusion and angst with clarity and peace. This results in a more satisfying life from the ‘bedroom to the boardroom. ®’”

Her university training combined with many years of clinical practice and business experience means that she is easily able to stimulate, educate and interact with a wide range of audiences. She credits her Irish heritage for her wit and ability to entertain, while her university training in conjunction with many years of clinical practice and business experience enables her to stimulate, educate and interact with a wide range of audiences.

Keynote Titles

  • From the bedroom to the boardroom - it's all about performance!
  • From the bedroom to the boardroom - it's all about relationships!
  • From the bedroom to the boardroom - don't make me laugh!
  • From the bedroom to the boardroom - it's all about family!
  • Bedrooms, babies and boardrooms
  • A check up from the neck up!
  • Emotional Resilience - the ability to conquer life's knocks!


Jackie Furey engaged the audience with her intimate understanding of the nature and complexity of balancing our personal and professional lives. She is one of the best speakers and presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to. She demonstrated a powerful ability to get to the point of what is most important in our lives, the quality of our relationships.

Australian Radio Network

Jackie was the highlight of our conference and this is testament to her thorough preparation. She understood our brief and audience and delivered a most amusing, thought-provoking and entertaining keynote. She had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand! Her workshops were equally successful - it was so full, we had to keep the doors opened!

QLD Assoc Of State School Principals

Jackie Furey engages the audience's attention with thought-provoking insights, rich content and humorous anecdotes. She has an incredible ability to be very funny and still provide depth and substance. Jackie has great insights into people and their behaviour. We have had her present and MC our annual conference for the last three years and she has proved to be very popular, creative and reliable.

South Pacific Private



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