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Dr Adam Fraser Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Dr Adam Fraser runs a global consultancy that conducts research and works with teams and organisations to improve their peoples performance and well-being.

Adam's passion is research. He looks at the business and personal development world and is concerned with how much education is based on hearsay, fallacy or is simply made up. He believes business and life has become more complex and sophisticated and that the quality of our education needs to follow suit.

Adam's company conducts cutting edge research with different universities all over the world and then disperses that information in a practical form through books, keynote presentations, workshops, training programs, online programs and customised consulting projects.

Adam likes research so much that he even researched himself! He is thought to be the only keynote presenter in the world to have the impact of their keynote measured in a university study. Drum Roll! It improved the addressed behaviour by 41%.

Adam believes that everyone has a superpower. Some people can cook, some people can create amazing works of art, others can hug with the appropriate amount of pressure for the right length of time. Adam's super power is the ability to make the complex, simple and engaging. He takes the latest science and translates it so that people can immediately apply it to their own situation. It’s not cool or sexy but it makes him a great communicator.

Keynote Titles

  • The Third Space | Developing Behavioural Agility
  • Aftershock | Cultures that Flourish
  • Strive | Going Beyond Resilience
  • The psychology of Innovation | Today's Competitive Advantage
  • Working in flow | High Performance in the Zone


I really appreciated the time you took prior to the conference to better understand our business, even engaging with a number of customers prior, to ensure the content was relevant. I would highly recommend Adam to any business seeking a keynote that will stand out from the rest.


Adam’s speech on Friday was excellent and the feedback from all our guests and their partners was amazing. I have heard many comments which include ‘changing their life’ and also ‘best speakers we have had at our conference’. It was just a pleasure working with Adam and the ladies in the office.

Scottish Pacific

Dr. Fraser was able to deliver a message that resonated, as well as motivated everyone on the importance of communication and leadership in a demanding, fast-paced workplace. The audience loved Dr. Fraser’s humor and the unique demonstrations used to support his strong message. I highly recommend Dr. Fraser and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.




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