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Mark McKeon Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Mark McKeon


  • Change Management
  • Culture Change
  • Facilitator
  • Leadership
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Resilience
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Workshops

Mark McKeon lives the life most of us dream about. In between High Performing Teams and Time Creation Keynotes, Mark leads a team that provides conference, training and coaching services to organisations around the world, yet he works only 30 hours per week, and takes 10 weeks annual holiday. Mark has been able to achieve this by becoming the master of his own time and unleashing the power of high performance teams.  In 2015 Mark was inducted into the Collingwood Football Club Hall of Fame for his coaching work over a 15 year period.

Mark specialises in Sustainable Peak Performance.  He conducts keynotes and workshops on Wellbeing, Resilience, Leadership and Time Creation.  Mark is the designer of innovative ‘Go Zone’ and ‘Every Day Counts’ Peak Performance Programs.  His latest keynote/workshop is called Get into the Go Zone. The Go Zone is about doing the key things for your business without delay, excuse or distraction and doing them at your absolute best (finding your Go Zone), having periods where you are still working but not at your optimum… the zone most people are in almost all of the time (Slow Zone) and then relaxing and recovering without being at work or thinking about work (No Zone). Each zone has 10 key attributes and the entire premise is backed up with solid physiology.  Mark’s books are now published in more than 10 countries.  

In addition to his keynotes, Mark and his team also provide corporate team building activities, run facilitated workshops in sales, communication and presenting and provide leadership development sessions and programmes.

He spent 18 years in the AFL as a Player, Fitness Coach and Motivator including five years with the Victorian State of Origin Team, and acted as Collingwood’s Runner for over 250 games.  

He is Consulting Editor for both Australian and U.K. editions of Ultra-Fit Magazine and is the author of two successful books, “Every Day Counts” and “Work a Little Less, Live a Little More”. He is also a regular magazine and newspaper columnist.

Keynote Titles

  • Embracing Change | Moving from denial (the Titanic can't sink) to adjustment and personal growth
  • The Go Zone | Productivity, wellbeing, efficiency and resilience. Get more done!
  • Culture | 5 Steps to enabling a powerful culture of no blame and no excuses


Mark is brilliant, funny and engaging. He is living proof of work/life balance and time management. When Mark spoke to my group, he visibly moved them towards significant improvement to their life.

Positive Training

Mark is a gifted and creative motivator. A consummate professional when it comes to developing and managing motivational team building activities for corporate organisations. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to any organisation looking for something special to bring to their employees.


Mark was a true breath of fresh air for our company with his presentation technique. Too many people preach the same information, but worse still, with the same spiel. Mark was very entertaining, dug deep and left us all with no doubt we weren't getting everything that we could from ourselves. The beauty was, he left that message but in a positive way! (Don't ask... just experience it yourself!). Extremely highly recommended.

Financial Technology Solutions

Thanks for a wonderfully crafted and immaculately prepared and presented session. You are a legend. Great feedback from all involved.

Kieser Training


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