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Anne Noonan Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Anne Noonan


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Anne Noonan is changing the face and fitness of Australian women over 50.

At 60 years old, Anne is a fit, vibrant, extrovert, irrepressibly exuberant and passionate yoga teacher, presenter, and health and nutrition coach.

And she wants every Over 50’s woman to feel this good, regardless of their existing fitness or mobility level.

The massive demographic of women over 40, heading for 60, retirement, and beyond, is defined by a new attitude; a desire to pro-actively take charge of health and wellness.  Ageing is NOT about old age.   It’s about growing into a new era.   A healthy one.

Walking out of the high-pressure corporate world at age 49, after a lifetime of stress and some serious health scares, Anne decided to do something about her future health.  

Anne created The Roll Back Your Body’s Odometer Program (over 8 weeks of interaction, movement coaching, taste-testing, and science-based activities) is now in its 8th season-with over 100 hundred women attending.  

  • Online webinars and individual private coaching supply practical, easy, repeatable, tools to incorporate in any lifestyle.
  • Anne delivers a total of 14 yoga classes weekly specifically designed for, and promoted to the Over 50’s woman (and now men, too).

I believe the woman aged 40, 50, 60 and beyond, can be strong, vibrant, healthy and fit, right into later years’.    

But how do you do it?

  1. Movement: Not just any movement.
  2. How we eat: Forget dieting and discover the foods that suit your body.
  3. Our attitude: Menopause, midlife and beyond can be amazing years.

Anne Noonan is a Fully certified Food and Nutrition Coach and Diabetes Food Advisor with the Food Coach Institute of Australia.

Qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher with the Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute of Australia (YIMI).

Anne Noonan was a Finalist in the Women In Business Awards for the Community Dedication and Social Justice field.

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