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Dr Helena Popovic Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Since graduating in medicine from the University of Sydney in 1995, Dr Helena Popovic has been paving the way for a new paradigm in peak health and peak performance.

A specialist in life-style based diseases (which account for over 70% of all cases presenting to GPs in Australia), Helena has been showing both men and women how to achieve excellence in every area of their life, through education not medication. Helena combines her experience as doctor, researcher, Lifeline counsellor and fitness instructor to deliver sophisticated messages with common sense practicality and infectious energy. Her motto: 'Listen to your heart. You'll live a life you love.'

It is Helena's unique combination of scientific rigor, common-sense practicality and playful personality that make her a captivating, inspiring and unforgettable speaker.

There are many speakers who make an audience feel great. There are other speakers who produce measurable results. With Helena you get both: people feeling fabulous and an increase in the bottom line. 

Helena has done extensive research on the brain, mind and motivation. She is one of Australia’s leading experts on neuroplasticity (how we can change our own brain) and mind mastery (how we can master our life by mastering our mind).

Helena has a talent for bringing science to life. She applies the latest research to daily life, health and business and shows how we can achieve extraordinary results. 

Throughout her years in medical practice she lectured students, nurses and fellow doctors. She now delivers keynotes, seminars and workshops to people in all professions and all walks of life. She is vibrant, invigorating and highly entertaining.

Keynote Titles

  • How to turn stress into success



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