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Paul Spinks Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Paul Spinks


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Paramedic and trauma Councillor Paul Spinks, has a clear message “are we micro-managing ourselves sick, or are we micro-managing ourselves well”?

One in two of us are now depressed, and between the ages of 15 and 44 suicide is the leading cause of death in this country. Where war-torn and poverty ridden countries are desperately trying to stay alive, we are making choices to end ours; or medicating ourselves just to front the day. Is it time we are all engaged at a different level?  You will be shocked to learn how cracks form in your mental and physical health, and why it’s a reasonable theory that we must try new approaches to address staff performance and our behaviours at home. Placing surface level concepts on how to better behave and perform, may only lead to reduced outcomes.

Workplaces need to understand that if they are to make any impact on the health and wellbeing, and productivity of their staff, they need to move away from yesterday methods. If only parents, supervisors, bosses could all spend a week for a ride in the back of an Ambulance, it would change the way they do business forever. This presentation just might be the next best thing!

Paul regards mental and physical health at the top of the list when it comes to our overall performance, and especially in the workplace; without this not only do we under-perform at home, but we most definitely won’t perform at work. It is without doubt the number one epidemic in this country that is holding us back, and workplaces that don’t believe it’s their duty of care will feel it in the bottom line.

Paul takes us for a straight talking, no nonsense journey into our personal lives, including his own, and challenges us all how to reset and rethink well before we find our mental health spiralling, often undetected and out of control. He makes no bones about this when he addresses his audiences “if I’m not talking about you, I am most certainly talking about your partner, kids, friends or work colleagues.” Paul will discuss how managers, parents, teachers etc, can help foster the health and well-being of team members, inspiring change and providing a tool kit to act on, bringing about purpose, direction, retention and meaning into the workplace.

About Paul

Paul is an Advanced Care Paramedic for Queensland Ambulance, and a Councillor for twenty years. Prior to this, he worked in employment services and in a rehab, as a National Training Manager conducting self-development courses to some of the countries hardest hit. Paul also spent time as a commercial pilot and worked alongside the safety department of Qantas and Ansett, where he recognised the correlation between the development of an aircraft accident and the country’s ailing mental and physical health epidemic. His stories are taken from the treating chair of an Ambulance and cut straight to the core, so strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Keynote Titles

  • The Wake Up Call
  • Bullying: Not Now Not Ever


The first time (ever) I have been to a workplace seminar where every attendee was riveted and listened to every word spoken!

BHP Billiton

In all my time here, I have never seen hundreds of men sit so silently for so long, riveted by a presentation.

BHP Attendee Life Coach

I have completed the survey. But of all the seminars and training I have attended in my years with Stanwell, this is top of the pile for content and satisfaction. It's not often I say that a two-hour commitment was worth it, but in this case it was and I would have willingly stayed longer if he had more to reveal. Thank you to you and your team for arranging this.

Stanwell Attendee



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