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Bhakti Wong


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Bhakti Wong, who first discovered yoga in 2002 whilst looking for an effective, travel- friendly exercise that worked with her demanding, frequent-flyer corporate career at Turner. The convenience of being able to keep fit wherever there is space for simply a bath towel appealed greatly to her sense of practicality! Before long, keeping fit was not enough, and she took on the path to pursue teaching yoga, and then mindfulness and meditation.

Today Bhakti Wong is a somatic therapist and mindfulness coach.

She has worked to educate and empower thousands of individuals, through a whole-person approach: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to help clients arrive at a point of understanding and to shape a path for action towards better results.

Based in Hong Kong, Bhakti is available for one-on-one in-person and online sessions. She facilitates group workshops and also leads trainings and retreats as well as continuing education and mentorship programmes.

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