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Bhakti Tanya first discovered yoga in 2002 whilst looking for an effective, travel-friendly exercise that worked with her demanding, frequent-flyer corporate career at Turner. The convenience of being able to keep fit wherever there was enough space for simply a bath towel appealed greatly to her sense of practicality! Before long, keeping fit was not enough (being the super-achiever that she was), and she took a sabbatical to pursue her first yoga teacher training in 2003.

At her second teacher training with Yogi Vishvketu in the spiritual oasis of Rishikesh, India in 2005, she was initiated into the yoga of life and received the blessing of the yogic name “Bhakti”, meaning devotion.  Since then, Bhakti Tanya has slowed down, adjusted to family life, and dedicated herself to learning and practising yoga as a way of life. She counts Ellen Heed’s openness to address sacred femininity and Joyce Thom’s compassionate intelligence amongst her strongest influences in her yoga classes today.

Bhakti, through her gentle ways, invites students to tune in to their bodies’ inner wisdom. Drawing upon her experiences as a certified visionary cranialsacral practitioner and training as a Hakomi psychotherapist, she integrates a grounded presence with an uplifting spirituality in what she teaches. She combines an anatomic, energetic and intuitive approach to guide students in nurturing a heightened awareness of their body and breath, and to connect that awareness to their hearts. A mother herself, Bhakti especially enjoys teaching pre-natal, post-natal and family yoga classes that help other women prepare for and adjust to such major life events.

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