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Anna-Louise Bouvier Travels from Sydney, NSW

Anna-Louise Bouvier


  • Female Speaker
  • Health
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Mental Health
  • Motivational
  • Occupational Health And Safety
  • Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Resilience
  • Stress Management
  • Work Environments
  • Work Life Balance

Feel Good Physio Anna-Louise Bouvier is the creator of Physiocise, a nationally renowned program for bad backs. She has established a national reputation as a sought after commentator for all things related to mind and body wellbeing.

She writes for numerous magazines and is a busy corporate speaker, with her key message revolving around ways to change people's behaviours - teaching employers how to create sticky messages and concepts that will make employees take responsibility for their own wellness. She focuses on four main areas...stress, sleep, sitting and moving...linking these areas to research on sedentary lifestyle and its effect on mood and well-being. She does a lot of work in the areas of injury prevention in the workplace, rehabilitation and return to work strategies.

Anna-Louise was an expert in the ABCTV Making Couples Happy series and created the ABC Happy Body DVD series. She has written three books including The Feel Good Body.

Anna-Louise's work draws from an increasing body of scientific research that connects a person's emotional state with their physical state. No longer can minds and bodies be considered as separate entities.  In 2018 Anna-Louise released her new corporate online well-being program.

She is an Ambassador for Arthritis NSW and has been Australian Fitness Presenter of the Year.


"'s session was absolutely invaluable, entertaining and incredibly useful in real terms. It was thoroughly enjoyable and a great initiative."

SBS Television

High energy, humorous and practical. It was the perfect mix of serious information and knowledge along with a very funny and engaging delivery. She has the unique ability as a speaker to both entertain and educate. She exceeded all our expectations.

Century 21 Harbourside

Anna-Louise Bouvier makes sense of people's bodies. Her explanations and solutions incorporate the latest science, an understanding of the everyday human context and the practical tips and strategies for fixing some of our most debilitating problems. She's funny and empathetic and real. Her passion for understanding and communicating have seen her work with inspiring results across all media. At Prevention, we call on her to put the tricky stuff in layman's terms. She helps everyone work to breathe easier and feel more in control of their lives. Ten minutes with Anna-Louise delivers so many aha moments.

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