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Angela Lockwood Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Angela Lockwood


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Drawing upon years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, Corporate and Business Mentor, Angela sees one thing that unites everyone... they are all in desperate need to learn how to switch off! The skill of disconnection is lacking in an over connected, overstimulated and overwhelming world.

Angela Lockwood is a renowned occupational therapist, author -­ Switch Off and the Power of Conscious Choice - and speaker. She has been interviewed and her work shared on Channel 9 Today EXTRA, The Australian Financial Review, Good Health magazine, Fitness First, Mamamia, Radio 2UE and The Daily Telegraph to name a few. 

Her health education company helps organisations, individuals and schools prioritise their health and well-being. With an aim to creating space to have a successful professional, personal and family life, Angela provides real-world tools for making positive changes to disconnect, re-­energise and refocus. 

Angela’s infectious energy and relatable open approach has captivated audiences across a variety of sectors. Her powerful keynotes, Switch Off and The Continuum of Choice, will leave teams more energised, focused and motivated – personally and professionally – than ever before. 

Angela is also available for half and full day workshops, panel sessions, facilitation of business planning and strategy days, executive mentoring and one-­on-one consultations. 

Angela’s mix of professionalism and humour make her the perfect addition to any panel. Angela’s topics of expertise include; health and well-being, workplace health, business decision making, breaking through plateaus, child development.

Her half day and full day workshops are an excellent addition to any conference schedule. Going deeper on topics covered in her keynotes, the workshops are interactive and activity-­based leaving your team with strategies and tools on how to transfer what they’ve learnt back into their work and personal life. Angela’s workshop means real learning occurs not just a feel good pick me up.

Angela is also a professional facilitator and has the ability to help keep people motivated and on track through complex discussions. Angela is available for facilitation of strategic planning events where a clear outcome is needed.

Keynote Titles

  • Switch Off | How to find calm in a noisy world
  • The Continuum of choice | Make better choices about the things that matter

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