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Nim Gholkar Travels from Sydney, NSW

Nim Gholkar


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Nim Gholkar is a quintessential migrant achievement story. Working her way through different corporate roles while raising a family, Nim’s successful navigation of challenges became the cornerstone of her popular coaching programmes. As a sought-after success coach, Nim works with individuals and corporate clients on customised action plans and result focused strategies, to get them that winning edge in today’ fast paced world.

A charismatic speaker, Nim has presented on a wide range of topics, across Australia, India, Dubai, Egypt and Thailand. Her signature workshops spanning an hour to a full day, are tailored to suit clients and audiences. These engaging and interactive sessions encourage participants to broaden perspectives, harness creativity and learn from within.

Nim is the author of 3 popular books: ‘Diary of an Immigrant Bride’ (translated into Marathi language as ‘Mee Anjali’),  ‘Unlock The Real You’ (also translated into Marathi language) and the recently launched ‘A Little Wiser, A Little Happier’ which explores a multitude of socially relevant topics to help us see life through a wider lens.

Keynote Titles

  • Teams that thrive: Jump-start productivity & positivity through effective team communication.
  • Re-energised: Self-motivation techniques to boost employee morale & productivity.
  • Lessons from an Arranged Marriage.
  • Respond, not React: Effective Communication Strategies for leaders & the art of managing effective teams.
  • Unlock the Real You & Follow your Dreams: How to start tapping into your potential and create a life you love.
  • Storytelling for Employee Engagement: Boosting productivity and engagement through storytelling.
  • The loyalty factor: Handling difficult clients
  • Unlock the Writer in You: The art of creative writing



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