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Dr Karen Phillip Travels from Sydney, NSW

Karen Phillip


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Dr. Karen Phillip is a Counselling Psychotherapist with nearly two decades of experience. Karen holds a postgraduate degree in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Family Therapies, Masters in International Family Studies and Research Counselling, and a PhD of Philosophy in Sociology.  Karen is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Karen has worked as the Family Therapist and Parenting Expert on the TODAY Show and continues to do a number of segments on TODAY Extra on TCN9 Network, Daily Edition on Channel 7, and Studio 10, speaking about all things family, relationships, communication and children. Dr Karen regularly writes for multiple journalists for both on-line and print media and is a regular on many radio stations around the world.

Karen has a wealth of experience and knowledge in regard to life, communication skills, and relationships. She is a qualified NLP practitioner.  Dr Karen is the creator of the first online Hypnotherapy counselling website where people worldwide can access specialised therapeutic hypnotherapy sessions for a more empowered life. Dr Karen speaks in academic conferences on natural health, parent groups, workplace training on communication skills and on a variety of topics to suit audience demographics. She is also a World Kindness Ambassador and speaks to groups on spreading kindness and positivity within their workplace, own life and the lives of others.

Karen is one of the most experienced, qualified and knowledgeable therapists in Australia. Not only running a busy practice but also conducting sessions via Skype for people all over the world. Her knowledge and experience working with mental and emotional health issues is prodigious. She is also author of two international books, one on raising children and one on preparing for marriage.

Keynote Titles

  • Law of Attraction – what we put out, we reap back
  • The power of your mind - 'what the mind believes, the body responds to'
  • Being Kind to Yourself – to create a happier life within

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