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Tracey Howarth Tomlinson worked at a local college as a support worker helping learners with learning difficulties, disabilities, and challenging behaviour. After a while she qualified as a teacher. To relieve the stress of life, she moved into holistic therapies and sought the spiritual path to seek life's answers.

Along the way, she discovered a love of writing about all things spiritual and motivational, and has published three books, the sum total of all she has learned in 20 years on the path.

Her current book "Everyday Practices for Better Living" was born out of lockdown during the pandemic in 2020, with the intention of sharing ways to live a more mindful, aligned and yet productive life. Chapters include mindfulness, meditation, money mindfulness and positive thinking, as well as lots of practical exercises, hints and tips.

The first book "Walking Into the Light" is packed full of information, meditations and exercises, useful for anyone who is developing spiritually. The second book "Mighty Angels by your Side" is a book all about angels, where we get our ideas about angels, what angels are and how they can help us on our spiritual path.

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