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Dr Lars Madsen Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Lars Madsen


  • Men's Health
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  • Psychology
  • Self Esteem / Bullying
  • Society / Social Trends
  • Wellbeing
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Dr Lars Madsen is a clinical psychologist whose profound insights on workplace self-worth resonates with corporate business around the world. His clear and engaging style of delivery illuminates the deep complexities of the human psyche in a warm, professional and highly informed manner.

Lars has a committed belief that the impact of our working life has a massive effect on overall well-being and self-worth. The complexities of the workplace can generate strong feelings of achievement and optimism, and lead to greater projects and challenges, but what happens when we push too hard? Being overwhelmed and over committed can unintentionally lead to failure. Societal expectations can load people down in such a way that damages how they act in the workplace, and diminishes self-worth. Being exposed on a day-to-day basis to negativity, critical feedback and over-competitiveness can also lead to burn-out and depression.

Lars is able to show that productivity and success doesn’t have to come at the cost of healthy and happy employees. His methods are simple, practical and relatable, and they free both employers and employees from the stress that goes hand-in-hand with work. When Lars speaks, his audience leaves with greater awareness of their own strengths and better pathways to healthy self-worth. He is empowering, resourceful and accessible.

Lars has particular experience working with workplace self-worth issues in both Australia and the United Kingdom. He has regularly published in academic journals, as well as presented at international conferences and taught at universities. He is the Director and Founder of a psychology clinic in Brisbane, offering counselling for patients with low self-worth and other related problems. He has also appeared as a guest on the SBS program Insight, offering expert psychological feedback.

Lars Madsen completed his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in Australia before obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (England). He is a member of the APS Forensic and Clinical Colleges. He is also a member of the National Association for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA), and the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.  He is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Board (AHPRA).

Lars speaks about self-worth issues for a healthy workplace and healthy life. His topics include:

  • Self-talk, self-criticism and self-respect
  • Avoiding negativity, burn-out and depression
  • Practical personal goal setting for career growth
  • Sound behavioural concepts to attain healthy self-worth

Lars is also very proud to be Lead clinical advisor for The MindShift Foundation where his unique insights form the basis of the organisation’s professional resources.

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