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Carmel Harrington Travels from Sydney, NSW

Carmel Harrington


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Dr Carmel Harrington is an Australian sleep scientist whose eye-opening insights into sleep health has helped improve the health and well-being of thousands of Australians and introduced sleep health into many corporate wellness programs.

Carmel is fascinated by the amazing power of sleep and has spent years researching the devastating effect of poor or insufficient sleep. A former lawyer, Carmel has a PhD in Sleep Medicine from Sydney University and is an honorary research fellow at Westmead Children’s Hospital. She has authored two best-selling books on sleep - The Sleep Diet and The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Sleep.

Carmel breathes life into the fascinating world of sleep by demystifying the many complex physiological and mental processes that occur during sleep and for the millions who suffer from sleep issues, Carmel offers life-changing insights into its causes and treatments.

Carmel is a sought-after speaker who effortlessly transforms sleep medicine and research into practical information that is relevant to everyone who sleeps, or who would like to experience better sleep.   Her presentations have helped improve the working of leadership teams, business decision-making, weight- loss, workplace health and safety, and even personal and professional relationships.  Carmel regularly speaks at health and academic conferences, to business leadership groups right through to lifestyle and consumer events. She is a consultant to a number of health and biomedical companies and is a regular go-to media commentator on all matters sleep.

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