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Mark Alexander Travels from MELBOURNE, VIC

Mark Alexander


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Mark is an Australian Olympic team sports physiotherapist, author, and inventor of BakBalls. A charismatic public speaker and winner of numerous business, innovation, and entrepreneurial awards, he is an authority on sports Physical Therapy and back pain in his native Australia.

He has served as a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist for the Australian Olympic Triathlon team (2002-2008) and a senior lecturer and director of La Trobe Post Graduate Master of Sports Physiotherapy program (2005-2011). He is also the author of Beating Back Pain – Sports Physiotherapists Guide to Pain Relief (2010), and founder of BakPhysio Pty Ltd, which designs self-treatment devices for patients.

Mark is a renowned international presenter that has integrated lessons from gold medal winning Olympians in elite sport, and high performance medicine, to create a blueprint for peak performance in business. Mark will cover the mental, physical, and mindfulness secrets found in Olympic gold medalists, and also dispel numerous myths whilst covering the key attributes of evidence-based high performance. He has a rare triad of experiences in high performance sport, high performance business and high performance medicine to bring a winning edge to your organisation.

Keynote Titles

  • High performance Health
  • Preventing back pain and poor posture at work
  • Tips to recover like an Olympic athlete after intense workout sessions whilst minimizing the risk of injuries
  • High Performance Business: Business lessons from elite sports and Olympic gold medalists
  • Preventing neck pain


We invited Mark to present to our organisation on how the principles of high performance sport are aligned to high performance business. With his varied background and lengthy career as a physiotherapist for the Australian Olympics team, Mark had the right mix of content, humour, stories, videos, and evidence to engage us and entertain us the entire time. If you want to get someone into your organisation to talk about high performance and at the same time how to achieve that and maintain the health and wellbeing of your staff, I would recommend Mark who has the elite sport experience, the health professional knowledge as well as having worked at the cutting edge of business in a leading management consulting firm. He gets it and is able to communicate really effectively

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