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Allan Bolton Travels from Sydney, NSW

Allan Bolton


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Allan Bolton has impressive credentials; addresses hard health issues with humour not ridicule, and is living proof that regardless of life’s challenges, we can all win. He walks the talk!

Allan’s message isn’t complicated or guilt-laden. Rather he challenges audiences with simple, achievable solutions in an innovative and fun way – his verbal delivery is backed visually with clever, to the point, cartoons.

If a positive attitude is contagious - Allan Bolton is dangerously infectious! The underpinning X-factor of his delivery is his inspiring and continuing triumph over a life-long disease. It speaks volumes about resilience and taking charge without saying a word. Allan motivates and inspires changes in headspace from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’, from ‘not interested’ to ‘I want to’.

No matter what industry, no matter what type of delegate - CEO or council worker, lawyer or miner, accountant or highflying sales executive - Allan’s deliveries are relevant and valued across all business and association platforms.

About Allan:

  • The rise in chronic and lifestyle-related diseases has dramatically altered the clinical landscape related to disease management. Allan is currently involved in the development and pilot delivery of Programmed Shared Medical Appointments (PSMAs). PSMAs are an innovative approach to chronic disease management in general medical practice throughout public health networks.
  • 20 year scientific advisor - health & fitness expert Weight Watchers Australasia and was Co-Developer of the GutBusters Waist loss Program for men.
  • Allan has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 42 years. He has completed over 100 alpine, water and road-based endurance events around the world including 2 Ironman triathlons and a handful of multi-day, wilderness adventure races
  • Past Australian Fitness Leader of the Year and Fitness Australia nominee for the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Fitness Industry Award.’ An award recognising those who have made a significant contribution to the development and advancement of the fitness industry in Australia.
  • Developed the Health and Fitness Industry’s Professional Accreditation courses used in over 40 countries.
  • Creator of an innovative, world first e-Learning website dedicated to helping people with Type 1 diabetes exercise with confidence. Scientifically proven to through Sydney University Medical School to reduce exercise related hypoglycaemia, duration of hypoglycaemia, fear of hypoglycaemia as well as increase Type 1 Diabetes management confidence.
  • Regular contributor - The Australian Diabetes Educator (The official publication of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association)
  • Previous - Health & Fitness writer – Diabetic Living Magazine

Keynote Titles

  • Being alive, as opposed to just staying alive
  • How to make your quality wheel roll


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