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Dr Linda Friedland Travels from Perth, WA


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Linda Friedland is an international health expert, medical doctor, television personality, well-regarded international conference & keynote speaker and a best-selling author. She is an authority on stress management and executive, corporate & women's health issues.

Dr Friedland consults internationally to healthcare, corporate and financial institutions on health & lifestyle interventions as well as emerging health trends. She is one of the highest rated international speakers for many global organisations and has spoken in more than 25 countries in the past few years.

Her television career includes several years as the medical expert for the South African Broadcasting Corporation award winning show - 3 Talk, she was an anchor for a weekly TV medical show ‘Housecall’ as well as the 'Radio doctor' (a weekly radio show that was broadcast across the African continent).

She is a feature writer for daily newspapers and many health and women's publications. Her first three books 'Self' (2005), 'Having it All’ (2008) and ‘Ultimate Guide to Women’s health” have all reached local bestseller sales and she has just launched her fourth book on parenting adolescents, The Ultimate Family Health Guide .

She delivers talks, designs & implements numerous health, lifestyle and illness prevention programs for corporations throughout Australia, Asia, the U.S and the UK. She has spoken for many Fortune 500 and Forbes top global companies.

The mother of 5 children, Dr Friedland is now based in Western Australia.


Your expertise was impressive and your enthusiasm contagious, which left everyone on a high. Many people have made changes in their life as a result of your words of wisdom.

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