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Emilia Ohrtmann Travels from Dubai, UAE

Emilia Ohrtmann


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Emilia Ohrtmann is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and blogger with a love of design. She co-hosts the weekly podcast 'Mums in Biz' which focuses on supporting women and mums in life and business.

Emilia is a German expat currently living in Dubai, together with her husband and their four children. She is a keen athlete and instills that keeping a healthy body is as important as maintaining a healthy mindset. Besides her family and design, personal development has been a long interest of hers.

She started her first business - a children's wear brand - in Houston, TX in 2008 which she sold in 2013 when she ventured into children's shoes in Dubai. And since 2015 she has been freelancing as a website designer and consultant. Together with her partner Kyla, who lives in Australia, she started the Mums in Biz Podcast in 2019 for which the duo interviews other mom's in business to learn from their successes as well as pass on their own experiences and learnings of their business and life journeys.

One of her favourite quotes and guidance for life is: "Life happens outside of your comfort zone."

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