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Cyndi O'Meara Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Cyndi O'Meara


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Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits, a whole food company that believes everything begins and ends with food and that health food should actually be just that - healthy.

Cyndi graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984 where her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path, steering clear of the low-fat diets of the day. Her groundbreaking 1998 book ‘Changing Habits Changing Lives’ became an instant bestseller and from there she has grown a successful whole food company, developed a range of healthy eating programs and a certified online nutrition course. In 2016 Cyndi released the acclaimed documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?’ which received 150,000 downloads globally in the first week.

2020 rings LAB TO TABLE, the completely revised, updated and extended version of Cyndi’s bestseller, Changing Habits Changing Lives.

Cyndi educates people so they are empowered to know better, eat better and live better - because educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion and everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating.

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