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Alison Nancye Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Alison Nancye


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Alison Nancye is an Australian Author, Counsellor, Coach, and Transformation specialist, passionate about helping people make positive change. She has written 10 books (fiction and non-fiction) for adults and children and has a Podcast, ‘She’ll be Right’ to provide stress reprieve and practical ideas to feel good. Alison has an academic background is in Counselling, Communications and Creativity and has worked in the field of "helping people" and “transforming lives” for 30 years. She is an expert meditator of 25 years and has written over 1,000 meditations to help people stress-less and relax-more. Her courses, counselling, coaching, books, blogs, podcast, talks, and meditations, inspire and support people worldwide to live a life they love and overcome the road blocks so many of us face along the wild ride that is life.

Alison is an accredited Counsellor and member of the Australian Counselling Association and accredited EFT & TFT Practitioner. She is the author of 10 books and two meditation albums and has been featured on television, in print, on radio and online. Alison writes about self-care, self-development, transformation, healthy living, positive psychology, creative living, life purpose, resilience, and overcoming life’s obstacles to live a life you love.

She conducts speaking gigs and workshops for audiences large and small, from corporate adults to school children; to inspire people to create positive change where they most need it.  Her personal development, self-care, meditation, and creative courses support people around the world to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

Alison's new book GET CURIOUS has just been released, and her new wellbeing App called WOW FEEL GOOD NOW is launched mid 2023.

Keynote Titles

  • Get Curious
  • Recipes for Everyday Life
  • Handbag Meditations – Chill Out on the Run
  • Note to Self
  • Veins of Pain
  • Meditation for Everyday
  • Meditation for Teens
  • Wellbeing
  • Transformation
  • Mental Health
  • Creativity


Alison Nancye was the highlight speaker at our Health & Wellbeing Conference. Our head office now constantly quotes her tips and meditation techniques that were practical and fun. She injected humour and fantastic mentoring exercises from her book into her session, which made it easy to absorb the information and apply to every part of your life.

Estee Lauder

Opens your mind to see what is actually important and gives empowerment to make changes as well as seeing and having a vision for what this looks like.

One Million Butterflies

The world needs more Alison Nancye’s! She effortlessly carries herself with oracle-like wisdom and welcoming, approachable humanity, making an audience feel safe, inspired, guided and seen. Alison has lived what she teaches, and from this comes depth and truth, that is so compelling. She has that special gift for making everyone in the room or online, whatever the forum, feel personally connected with. We all need Alison Nancye in your lives!

Good Empire & Vinomofo


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