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Dr Anneline Padayachee Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Anneline Padayachee


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Dr Anneline covers a range of aspects of food paddock to poop, giving meaning to nutrition. Everything from breast milk science, gut health’s effects on mental health to waste reduction and high value addition opportunities, and the differences between animal vs alterative proteins.

In 2023 Dr Anneline was named one of Australia's Top 50 Female cutting edge scientists for her translation and communication capabilities by Cosmos (Australia's premier science magazine and news).

Renown for her easy communication style, translating the complex into relevant bite-sized chunks with the aim of making food relevant and nutrition meaningful, Dr Anneline is a highly sought after thought leader who has a reputation for mixing food and nutrition science, the functions of the human body, consumer behaviour and societal culture while forecasting future trends.

Dr. Anneline has a BApplied Science (Food Science and Nutrition), Honours degree majoring in Nutritional Epidemiology and a PhD in Nutritional Food Science. She is a professional member of the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST).

Dr Anneline was named a Future Food Leader in Innovation by the AIFST and Food Innovation Australia Limited, is a recipient of the Nutrition Society of Australia’s award for Research Excellence in Nutrition and Dietary Fibre Research and has been named one of Australia’s leading science communicators.

She has held positions in academia and the food industry, and currently is a consultant to the food industry, the media and academia, and is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with The University of Queensland.

Anneline's expertise covers the following food related topics:

- Processing technology

- Nutrient and food composition

- Digestive processes, including the 2nd brain and the gut microbiome

- Food factors that affect growth and development, immunity and fertility

- Sustainable agricultural practices

- Food and pleasure

Nick-named "The Simple Scientist" by a journalist, Anneline's superpower is being able to communicate complex research with consumer behaviour and social trends into a simple relatable, engaging narrative.


It’s my pleasure to acknowledge Anneline for her “Defining Drinks in an Evolving World: Functional Thirst Quenchers” presentation to Australian Beverages Council members during our annual Drinks Industry Dialogue. Anneline’s candid style, real world focus, technical expertise and market understanding won over the packed house from the moment she began speaking. And to no surprise, she received the highest ratings of all our speakers at the event. So much so in fact, that bringing her back in the future is a “no-brainer.” So, if you get a chance to bring her into your organisation or conference, do it before someone else books her.

Australian Beverages Council

Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation at our conference yesterday. It was our pleasure to have you as part of our program! I was simply AMAZED at the seamless way your mixture of animations, diagrams and text creates an irresistible information flow. Watching your presentation is like watching the best one-person documentary on Food Science and Nutrition I have ever seen! TV or elsewhere! Your gift as a communicator is truly beyond compare.

Food Industries Association Of Queensland Inc.

I just want to say THANK YOU again for taking the time to speak with the Microba Team! Everyone gave me such wonderful feedback on your presentation and how fascinating your area of work and experience is!

Microba Gut Microbiome Tests

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