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Tim Jack Adams Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Tim Jack Adams


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Tim has created an overarching framework that enables leaders, teams and organisations to thrive sustainably and move into their peak performance zone. He is the founder of a leading-edge wellness solutions company for all employees of an organisation through to Executives and Management Teams. A thought leader and speaker in the Wellness Industry, Tim has worked with the Australian Defence Force, Red Bull, Six Senses, Olympians and many of Australia’s top companies. 
With so much change and instability occurring in the modern workplace, it is key to understand how to get the best out of your employees to ensure your organisation is not only surviving but thriving sustainably.  If you want a thriving culture, it’s about creating connections, deepening engagement, and inspiring your people to share your organisations vision.  Research shows happy people are measurably more productive, better decision makers and more effective.

As a keynote speaker Tim will inspire your audience and more importantly give them the practical takeaway tools to allow them to thrive sustainably.  His keynote speaking engagements are among some of the most prominent in Australia, including opening at AIME, McDonald’s, Wellness Tourism Summit and ongoing appearances in the media including Well Traveler TV.

Keynote Titles

  • How’s Your Battery
  • Rhythm for Everyday Wellness
  • The Play For Your Life Cards


Tim leads the way with real life examples, making the decision to make "me" a priority to enable me to consistently maintain making my life better then flows into everyone else's life around me with positivity. His warts and all approaches make it very human and non-sterile (aka Yucky textbook delivery as standard)

Business Australia

Tim's session was awesome! A great chance to stop, look inwards and really think about different aspects of your well-being and where they are at - super valuable for anyone at any stage of life. Megan


CEO's, founders, movers and shakers, anyone with a team - this will literally change the way your people show up for themselves and as a leader. There is absolutely nothing more that I want for my team, then for them to love the way they are living and experiencing their life. GreenX7 is changing the world one person at a time.

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