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Jacqui Cooper Travels from Melbourne, VIC


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Jacqui Cooper is an Olympic medalist and motivational speaker - her story is one of triumph, tragedy, defeat and success. It's a story that makes you believe in the strength of human spirit. Her spirit and passion, shared with her unwavering dedication and persistence, in a sport that is brutal and cruel, is absolutely inspiring. 

Jacqui's presentation entitled 'The Business of Sport' uses ten points to link business to sport, and sport to business. She will tell you that all the same ingredients needed to be successful in business, were needed to dominate a decade in her sport.

She takes you on a journey; a journey that lasted 21 years in her sport of Aerial Skiing. As well as being entertained and inspired your audience will be left with a lasting impression that “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Now labelled the "Greatest Aerial Skier of all time"; ask Jacqui and she will tell you just like Muhammad Ali, "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was”. That was the self-belief needed by her to take on the world in a non-traditional Australian sport.

Jacqui can stylise a presentation so that the theme of her delivery is exactly what a business/client needs. Jacqui's story resonates with all that hear it; it reminds us all that with hard work, self-belief and persistence, a world of success awaits.

Keynote Titles

  • A View from the Top
  • The Parallels Between Business and Sport
  • Women in Sport
  • Goal Setting
  • Drugs in Sport


Jacqui's life story is one of self-belief, passion, and the ability to overcome adversity. Most of our group knew of Jacqui's sporting triumphs, but none of us knew of the story behind this remarkable Australian. Life is full of opportunities, chances, half chances, successes, and failures. Jacqui demonstrates perfectly how one is best measured by how they react and deal with such challenges. Jacqui brings to her presentation all the qualities that made her a world champion. The passion, the raw ability, and that touch of craziness all come through in what is both an inspiring and entertaining presentation. This is more than a presentation, it is a life force experience.

Telstra Super

Jacqui gave an excellent series of talks to our staff. She inspired, brought laughter, and above all, helped all who attend feel that achieving more was within their reach. I would happily recommend Jacqui to anyone organising an event or looking to inspire a team. She is funny, warm, and will connect across a diverse audience. And her energy levels have to be seen to be believed!

GE Capital

Jacqui Cooper was the most inspirational speaker I have heard from. I found Jacqui's presentation incredibly moving, inspirational and at the same time humorous and I don't think I have ever understood the capacity of a human for resilience, persistence or drive until I met Jacqui. The pace was breathtaking but she kept us on the edge of our seats for the entire time dying to find out what more could possibly happen to her. Her presentational skills are second to none and I was moved by her story. Jacqui was well received at our conference and a standing ovation was the ultimate gift of a speaker! She received it with pride from our 81 attendees. It was amazing to watch. Certainly true to say that persistence pays off tenfold and more..............We will definitely utilise her for future conferences.

Australian Unity



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