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Michelle Cowan Travels from Perth, WA


  • A F L
  • Business
  • C E O / M D
  • Customer Service
  • Female Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Sport Coaches
  • Team Building
  • Team Sport
  • Time Management
  • Women In Business

At 21 she become Australia’s first female WAFL assistant coach and put West Perth through their paces.

At 23 she managed 150 staff through a $10.3 million Leisure Centre redevelopment.

At 25 she became Managing Director of her own national company. Homegrown success story and compelling speaker, Michelle Cowan, has always defied convention.

From being the only girl in the locker room, to the only Gen-Y in the boardroom, Michelle’s is a daring story of success against the odds.  Michelle Cowan speakers on various topics including, Women in Business, Women in Sport, Breaking down traditional barriers, Leadership, Customer Service and Team Work.  She is also an MC and facilitator.

Taking the attitude which made her the pioneer of women of professional football coaching into the workplace, Michelle managed a team of 150 government staff as a 23 year old, before launching her own national training company, working with some of the biggest names in Australian sport.

Overcoming potential family tragedy by giving the ultimate gift of life along the way, Michelle’s amazing stories are a tribute to what all of us can achieve with enough guts, grit and groove!

Keynote Titles

  • Floral Bras and Footy Boots
  • Women in Business
  • Women in Sport
  • Breaking down traditional barriers
  • The Journey – Michelle shares her personal story of perseverance and passion
  • Match Fit – Michelle draws on the parallels between business and sport
  • Team Dynamics – Leadership, Culture, Giving and Receiving Feedback


Michelle's honest account and energetic delivery of her personal journey was a true crowd favourite.

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Powerful and a true inspiration, a must see.



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