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Danyal Diallo Travels from Canberra, ACT

Danyal Diallo


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  • Social Responsibility

Danyal Diallo stands for a reformed society.

Coming to Australia Danyal found it hard to get along, he always felt this sense of displacement- living in a new country. He discovered however the concept of ‘’home’ is subjective”. Born in Sudan, Danyal sustained a hip injury when he was three after being pushed off a building. Every step he takes hurts. He uses that pain to remind him what he wants in life, which is certainly not to work for someone else.

In 2018 as a 16 year old Danyal launched his own business Gymshopen, an online business selling gym equipment and accessories for both men and women. When asked what is special about Gymshopen Danyal’s answer is succinct and immediate – “The story behind it” he says.

For Danyal the things that normally hold people back – race, youth, disability - spur him on. He teaches others that success is a choice and it’s always on the table. It’s up to you to grab it. This is highlighted in his TEDx presentation “Breaking the Stereotypes”.

Danyal is a youth leader still studying while working with his local Casey Council. As a social entrepreneur he is also assisting Destiny Rescue Australia to help get kids out of sex slavery in Eastern Asia. He believes that ‘There is nothing greater than the chance to have a chance at something’.

Danyal’s presentations are ideally suited for those who want to create change in their lives sharing his insight in philosophy, ethics, mindset, and leadership by leading by example.

A true inspiration at such a young age Danyal Diallo is not going to let anything get in the way of what he wants to achieve.

Keynote Titles

  • Breaking down stereotypes
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Purpose and Vision


Danyal Diallo, what can I say, for a person more than double his age he's an inspiration even to me. Seeing someone his age who can grasp complex concepts and explain them to an audience without hesitation in a manner that not only draws you into the story and message being conveyed but carries them with a distinction and level of authenticity just like his character off stage really wows me. For an individual to rise above adversity like he has takes more than courage, but a powerful driven force that pushes him to achieve great things. Can't wait to see his future achievements!


Danyal is a confident speaker who has a natural talent for storytelling. His strength lies in his ability to draw on his experiences as a child immigrant and how he was able to overcome life hurdles to help other students reach their dreams.

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