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Liza Pavlakos Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Liza Pavlakos


  • Mental Health
  • Motivational
  • Women In Business

International speaker, executive coach, mentor, philanthropist, author, and supporter of human rights.

Liza was once a child who suffered abuse. She ran away from home, becoming a homeless and hospitalized teenager.

Thinking she was free from violence; she was kidnapped and almost murdered. Today, she is a survivor. She turned her life around by becoming a businesswoman. She is a mother of five and an international speaker. Join her on her journey to a better experience, learning how, through courage, choice, and determination, you too can rewrite your story.

Liza Pavlakos' early life was traumatic, but regardless of the challenges she faced, she turned her life around by becoming a successful entrepreneur.   Today she uses that past to help others by speaking to audiences across the globe, inspiring them to rewrite their personal comeback story.  She is a dedicated philanthropist and the winner of the Super Achievement Award from the 6th World Women's Leadership Conference. Liza has spoken at numerous speaking engagements across the world including Win Summit New York in conjunction with Columbia University, HR Congress in Asia, Leadership Conferences in Africa, Superannuation Conference in Australia, Ritz Carlton, Advertising for Qatar Airways, Judging panel for Miss Earth Coronation and many more. 

Very early in life, Liza triumphed over daunting challenges. Not only did she courageously get her life back on track, but she also emerged as a self-made millionaire entrepreneur. Liza has been in business for more than 25 years, having built successful companies. She understands the sales, building a brand, and how to turn to make a business profitable. 

Every speaking engagement is different from the next, and so Liza strives to customize each keynote so that each audience member has valuable takeaways.  Liza's straightforward, well-researched, sessions instil confidence in delegates to strive for excellence, unfazed by obstacles. She is devoted to presenting the most captivating and emotional keynote presentation. Her material is on real-life events, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology that are proven to reap enormous rewards for your business.

Her presentation will fill your audience with confidence, and the power to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, closers, and communicators your company strives to create.

Below are topics Liza has hand-crafted leveraging her expertise in overcoming adversity and entrepreneurship through riveting, personal and historical storytelling.

Today, she:

  • Delivers captivating motivational speeches
  • Presents dynamic, results-driven keynote addresses, including well-researched, customized keynotes 
  • Offers proficient executive coaching and impactful one-on-one mentoring

Keynote Titles

  • It Begins with Choice
  • Rewrite your comeback story
  • HOW WOMEN LEAD: Own Your Destiny


She is one of Australia’s most inspirational speakers. Her story is absolutely gripping.

News Flash Media, Australia

Her presentation resonated with her audience and she has the power to uplift individual morale and team spirits. The in-depth solutions she offered are remarkable and lasting imprint of optimism.

Pioneer Medical Lab, Philippines

I see why Liza is one of the top motivational speakers. I would actively seek out more of her conferences and talks to attend. I could have listened to her for longer, and she was 110% better than the speaker last year!

Women In Business, Doha



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