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Jim Leligdon Travels from United States Of America, USA

Jim Leligdon


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Born with congenital cataracts in both eyes, Jim Leligdon could only distinguish between light and shadows. At 18 months old, he had the first of six surgeries to restore some of his sight. Being legally blind hasn't slowed him down at all. When he's not training or speaking, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife Barb, their two grown children Courtney and Nick, family, and friends.

In his 26 years as a corporate trainer, Jim has facilitated more than 800 sessions throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His experiences traveling around the globe have taught him many things about his own physical challenges while enhancing his “Can do” attitude. He shares some of his experiences and perspectives in his first book, “Look Where You Are, See Where You’re Going”. 

As a motivational speaker, he shares life experiences and answers audience questions along the way. Some of his favorite audiences include children or adults with special needs, parents of  special needs kids, church groups, and corporate teams. He hopes to motivate and inspire individuals who just need a push in a positive direction regardless of their circumstances. Jim believes, "We each have some type of perceived limitation. Once we examine and understand it, we can successfully navigate beyond it."

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