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Joey Zuber Travels from Gold Coast, QLD


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Joey Zuber is now recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in Cliff Diving.

He has won many accolades including Red Bull Cliff Diving titles. Although no longer competing, his career still spans all things Cliff Diving: Red Bull Cliff Diving Sports Consultant, TV Commentator and FINA High Diving Committee Member.

Since 2008 Joey has been a the front of cliff diving LIVE TV commentary for the Red Bull Cliff Diving world series and FINA High Diving Competitions. TV Commercial acting and travel hosting are among his attributes as well.

Offering a relaxed style of presenting whilst embracing the surroundings of each location he visits. He's comfortable with scripted material or impromptu performances.

Since 2008, Joey has delivered countless LIVE TV broadcasts on camera and voice over commentary roles. In more recent times he supports the development of statistics and graphics.

Drawing from his experiences as an elite athlete, he delivers a compelling story from the highs of competing to the lows of a life treating accident.

At the top of his game champion cliff diver Joey Zuber travels the globe regularly, he decides to embark upon an unusual diving exhibition in a remote region of Colombia. He plunges from a bridge and a split second misjudgment leads to a broken femur (thigh bone). In excruciating pain, he swims to safety and pulls his deformed leg back into a straight position.

Enduring a nine-hour ambulance ride with no pain relief, Joey is trapped in a world of pain and disbelief. Surgery lasts for eight hours with severe complications and several days later his life hangs in the balance with acute kidney failure. His mental strength and fitness prevail to recover from ICU.

After four years, six operations and gruelling rehabilitation Joey returns to the scene of the crime to dive from the very same bridge in Colombia. This story has been transformed into a documentary 'Dive Into Fear'.

Overcoming adversity and fear management are keys principles of his speeches.


Keynote Titles

  • Dive into Fear | How do our fears hold us back? Learn to manage your fears and move forward
  • Achieving Success Through Perseverance | Perseverance and overcoming adversity!
  • Taking Teams to Greater Heights | Team work



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