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Peter Baines OAM Travels from Sydney, NSW

Peter Baines OAM


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Peter Baines OAM is one of Australia’s leadership experts having road tested leadership the hard way. Peter spent 22 years with the NSW Police leading teams in response to acts of terrorism and natural disasters on a scale not previously seen.

He was part of the leadership team that responded to Bali after the bombings in 2002 and was called in 2005, to lead international teams in response to the Tsunami of December 26, 2004, in Southeast Asia.  He headed up multiple rotations into Thailand leading international teams in the identification process of those who died.  

Creating sustainable leadership became a passion of his after witnessing the devastating effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  He was deeply touched by the number of children left without parents by the disaster and was inspired to set up an organisation that could make a significant difference in the lives of these children.  In late 2005, Hands Across the Water was formed to raise funds for, and awareness of, the children of Thailand who were left alone.  Today Hands, has raised over $30 million Australian dollars.  Hands, now has operations in seven different locations within Thailand and provides a home to several hundred children every night.  

The work of the charity has always taken a different approach to most in that they focus on creating meaningful shared experiences for their supporters.  A cornerstone event of the work of Hands are the long-distance bike rides that you will find Peter leading throughout the year in Thailand. 

Peter has received various awards including an Order of Australia Medal in 2014 for his International Humanitarian work.  He received the NSW Police Service Medal and the Australian Federal Police Operations Medal, for his work in Asia.  He was the first NSW Police Officer to be awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal and Australian National Medal. He has completed university studies in Law, Forensic Science and post graduate studies in Management.

He has written three books Leadership Matters. Hands Across the Water and Doing Good by Doing Good.  In 2024, to acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the 2004 tsunami he will run 1320km’s in just 26 days in Thailand.

Keynote Titles

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Peter Baines your speech has left me in awe. Never have I seen anyone deliver the essence of leadership in such a clear, straight forward and insightful way. Your integrity and credibility is established the moment you begin.

Cadbury Schweppes

If similar calibre of speakers to Peter Baines can be guaranteed next time, I will be sure to bring others with me. Peter Baines has a wealth of experience both in Australia and overseas. He shared his stories which inspired and motivated the audience. He gained compassion and understanding from those present without even trying. Well worth attending. It was one of the most inspiring events I have attended in a long time and interesting to see how Peter Baines' natural leadership skills has taken him on such a journey.

Central Queensland University

Thank you Peter for the amazing impact you had on my team today. You literally ‘knocked the ball out of the park’!! The feedback from my team was amazing - frequent references to best speaker ever and that is high praise as we have had international sports stars, high profile business leaders and media personalities speak at previous events.

Scentre Group (formerly Westfield)


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