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Peter Baines OAM Travels from Sydney, NSW

Peter Baines OAM


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Peter Baines OAM speaks about Leadership, Sustainable Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility and Crisis Management.   His is a highly inspirational presentation.

Peter Baines OAM, a former forensics officer with the NSW State Police Force developed his unique leadership style by leading international identification and recovery teams into Indonesia and Thailand following acts of terrorism and the 2004 South East Asian Tsunami. He would go on to work in the counter terrorism area of Interpol, spent time with the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime and also worked in Saudi Arabia and Japan after natural disasters to hit those countries.

But it was his work in Thailand that brought the biggest change. Touched by the children left orphaned months after the Tsunami, Peter founded an Australian charity called Hands Across the Water to support them which has gone on to create opportunities for hundreds of children across Thailand.

In January 2014, Peter was recognised in the Australia Day honours with the awarding of the Order of Australia Medal for his International Humanitarian work. 

Today, Peter has a successful consulting business building engagement through corporate social responsibility and presents across the globe to major corporations and governments on Leadership.  He is the author of bestselling books Hands Across the Water and Doing Good by Doing Good.

Topic areas - Leadership, inspirational, law, world affairs, social responsibility, sustainability.  

Keynote Titles

  • Leadership Matters
  • Experience Matters


Peter Baines your speech has left me in awe. Never have I seen anyone deliver the essence of leadership in such a clear, straight forward and insightful way. Your integrity and credibility is established the moment you begin.

Cadbury Schweppes

If similar calibre of speakers to Peter Baines can be guaranteed next time, I will be sure to bring others with me. Peter Baines has a wealth of experience both in Australia and overseas. He shared his stories which inspired and motivated the audience. He gained compassion and understanding from those present without even trying. Well worth attending. It was one of the most inspiring events I have attended in a long time and interesting to see how Peter Baines' natural leadership skills has taken him on such a journey.

Central Queensland University

Your talk was the high point of the three days for me. I have thought of it often and am still stunned at the work that you and your colleagues do, and the level of commitment that you bring to the job. I was also impressed with your skill in presenting a difficult and emotional topic in such an impactful way. I have been a professional communicator for over 20 years and really appreciate the skill in others when I see it. And so much of what you had to say has lessons that can be used in the leadership work I do with our senior executives here at the CBA. I would have liked to say something to you at the end of the session but couldn't really trust myself to speak?

Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

Thank you Peter for the amazing impact you had on my team today. You literally ‘knocked the ball out of the park’!! The feedback from my team was amazing - frequent references to best speaker ever and that is high praise as we have had international sports stars, high profile business leaders and media personalities speak at previous events.

Scentre Group (formerly Westfield)


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