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Rob Lilwall Travels from Hong Kong, HK


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Rob Lilwall is a British-born, Hong Kong-based TV adventurer, writer and motivational speaker.

His two most epic expeditions, the 50,000 km Cycling Home From Siberia expedition, and the 5,000 km Walking Home From Mongolia expedition were commissioned as television series for National Geographic. Such expeditions have seen him travel, unsupported, on foot and on bicycle, through dozens of countries, including some of the harshest places on earth, from the frozen wastelands of the Gobi Desert, to the thick jungles of Papua New Guinea, and the war-torn passes of Afghanistan.

Whilst telling his high-energy adventure stories, Rob weaves in powerful motivational messages about the importance of having the right attitudes in order to survive and thrive on the road. These key takeaways for individual staff and teams are ideal for both corporate training and after-dinner events.

Rob’s Attitudes of Adventure align with and build on recognised EQ concepts, and are highly relevant to the challenges of our day-to-day work lives in the 21st century, including:

Embracing change: recognising that change is the only constant in life, and hence the need to take intentional, practical steps to adapt, move on and find new opportunities when change arises.

Daring creative thinking: harnessing our creativity to find solutions when unexpected problems arise to hinder individual and team progress

Self discipline: remembering that our self discipline must start with the small tasks, which make a significant difference in overall progress, especially by circumventing future problems

Resisting the fear of failure: having the confidence to take action with a task even when the negative voice in one’s head or the pessimist in the office insists that it is too hard, or too risky

Keeping and boosting the morale of the team: learning to work with different personalities and working styles, and treating problems as challenges to be overcome as a team

Effective networking: honing the craft of networking, and understanding the powerful consequences of being courteous to all

Perseverance and keeping a clear head under pressure: developing the attitude of tenacity so that we keep moving towards our goals even when the going gets tough

Keynote Titles

  • Creative problem solving when the road ahead appears completely blocked
  • Persevering under pressure
  • Daring to take risks
  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Cycling Home From Siberia
  • Walking Home From Mongolia
  • An attitude of adventure


We have had many conferences, and many after dinner speakers, and without doubt Rob Lilwall was one of the very best. His journey is fascinating and his talk and style highly engaging, filled with humour, and makes good use of video and pictures. It works very well in the corporate environment with great messages about overcoming challenges and being resourceful.

Macquarie Capital, Hong Kong

Thank you for your excellent contribution to our 2011 Asia Pacific Director of Finance Conference it was a real inspiration to everyone listening. I like the way that you tailored your presentation to tie into the key messages of our conference. The feedback on your presentation has been tremendous.

Marriott International, APAC

I recently leveraged Rob Lilwall as part of a company quarterly business review. He was nothing short of amazing and very good at linking his life experiences with the corporate and professional world. Rob speaks with conviction, passion and eloquently describes the importance of team work, setting goals and powering through adversity.




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