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Paul Hockey Travels from Cairns, QLD

Paul Hockey


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Paul is a motivational speaker. Having lost his arm at 3 weeks of age, Paul grew up not only living with his disability but, achieving unimaginable goals. His story will captivate, motivate & inspire all who are fortunate to hear his story.

At 7.45am on June the 5th 2005 Paul Hockey made history by being the first disabled person to stand on the summit of Mount Everest on the North side - the notoriously difficult passage to the summit.

Paul was born in 1963, and soon after was diagnosed with cancer in his right arm. Having lost his arm at three weeks of age, Paul grew up not only living with his disability but, achieving unimaginable goals. Paul has never considered himself disabled. He believes that not only can people with disabilities rise to the greatest heights and realise their dreams, they can also help their peers discover the power and freedom of participation in sport and recreational activities. He is also in a position to help the able-bodied better understand the disabled.

His life philosophy is simple and marked with every mountain summit he reaches, “never give up…never ever give up!” When Paul arrived at the summit of Mt Everest, it was his second attempt, after being forced to turn around at approximately 8600 metres the year before. He ran out of time and oxygen.

Tens of thousands have attempted to climb Mt Everest since Sir Edmund Hillary became the 1st to summit in 1953. About 2000 climbers have managed the summit since, with about 200 losing their lives in the pursuit for the almighty summit.

Paul was literally dying on his descent and survived only because of the experience and generosity of his Sherpa Neema and his expedition leader Russell Brice. Paul’s enthusiasm for mountain climbing has taken him to New Zealand, South America and of course the Himalaya. He has also climbed Mt Aconcagua the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to his passion for mountaineering, Paul also found a lifelong passion for Martial Arts. He became a Martial Arts Expert studying for 8 years, gaining three blackbelts and two styles of Martial Art.

Paul is also and fluent in Japanese and he was also a Japanese tour guide for 12 years. Paul is now a motivational speaker and an author. His experience in attaining success by never ever giving up, regardless of your situation or circumstance, is evident.

His story will captivate, motivate and inspire all who are fortunate to hear his story. 

Keynote Titles

  • Disability: A unique perspective
  • The Everest model: philosophies and programs for corporate Australia


Paul's story is inspirational and should be heard by as many Australians as possible. His inborn attributes of courage, vision, enthusiasm and endurance can be of immense benefit to us all.

Queensland Rail

Paul was a sensation. He interpreted the brief with no additional guidance and delivered a presentation in each instance that was well above our expectations. The reaction from our audience was overwhelming and Paul's presentation has enhanced the relationship TOWER now has with each of the attendees at this session.

Tower Australia Limited

The most inspiring person I have ever met. A man who has achieved the ultimate goal, the persistence, the courage just had me in awe of the mental strength that was required. Tells his story in a way that has you smiling or shaking your head in amazement. A great Australian.


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